Which SATA burner you suggest?

Last Friday I got the LG GSA0H55L which finally arrived in Greece.
Since I need my second burner to be a SATA one and I do not have the experience as most of you do, I would like to have youe suggetsion about which of the following SATA burners which are available here to buy.
I know that for some of them there are reviews in the Forum, but I would prefer a personal oppinion from the ones that got one of the following :
NEC 7170S & 7173S
Pioneer DVR-212 SATA
Lite On LH-20A1S
Asus DRW-1814BLT
Samsumg SH-S183A & D
Samsung SH-S183L
Samsung SH-S203B
Prices of the above in our market from 28 - 35 Euros.

Thank you in advance for your help

You could take a look through the Quality Scan threads of those drives.

Have the majority of them and I like the 203B the best followed by the Lite-On and the Pioneer 212.

Hi :slight_smile:
I recent poll based on drives that folk actually have.
Forget NEC & the Samsungs 183.
I would go with
1st Samsung SH-S203B
2nd Pioneer DVR-212D
3rd LG GSA-H62L(N)

Thank you for all for the information. I 'll go for the Samsung SH-S203B.

Just for curiosity: what’s wrong with this device?

The main issue is the Lead-In problem with DVD-R, some drives suffer from.
The newer 203 is the better allrounder then. Also, some users are happy with “optimized” firmwares that are available for some 20x series drives.:wink:

On the other hand, my 182D is a better reader (for bad discs) and CD writer than my 203B.