Which Sata burner is best? LiteOn or Samsung?

I would like to buy a new sata burner and it seems that i’m left with two contenders:

Liteon (So far only the older model 165 is available as sata drive)

Samsung 183

I want to have: Bitsetting, quality scanning, dvd-ram support (the faster the better), top-speed is not too important - quality is preferred.

The drive should serve as an everyday burner since i do not want to put too much burning load on my Pio 111.

I used to own a Liteon 411s@811s which was terrible. All 1-2 year old dvds burned with this drive a barely readable and almost incompatible to standalone players. Are the current liteon drives as good as the competition?
thanks for every help!

There are other drives like LG GSA-H30N, Plextor PX-760SA… too, but they won’t suit your needs. :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, LiteOn drives have improved a lot :slight_smile:
If you want everything, I think you should wait for the LiteOn LH-18A1S.
The Samsung isn’t as good at quality scanning as the Litey is, and the Samsung doesn’t report jitter accurately. So you might want to go for the Litey, which has Online HyperTuning (“learning mode”).

Dell had a good price on the toshibas for $50 shipped with two disks of software. I have two of these burners and they are fast.