Which RW media?



I’m probably going to get a nec 3520A as a backup device. Question is which
rw (+ or -) should I use ? I’m not sure I care about speed (aka 4x vs 2.4x) but I would like the media to be fairly reliable (aka no errors on burn). Shelf life is probably not that important (3 or 4 years would be nice). I was thinking of maybe ridata 2.4x +rw media because it is inexpensive but thought I would query to see if something else was signfiicantly better…


go to the nec forum, under DVD BURNER, And have alook around. they should know


Heck I’m a newbie = I didn’t even know of the Nec forum :frowning:


I have had very good results with Ridata +RW 4X. It is RICOHJPNW11. Very low error levels and seems to last a reasonable amount of time. Most -RW I have seen is trash. Phase change media (RW) is not long lived and is prone to fade. I would never burn anything important in RW if I hoped to keep it for 4 years.

Newegg.com and Amazon both carry it.