Which RW media most compatible with DW1655?

Can anyone recommend some good RW media for my 1655, is it better to use + or - as well as some good brands. I want to use them for backups and will therefore rewrite a lot. Any recommendations are appreciated. Thanks!

I have good success with Sony S11 +RW. I’m sure there are others.

Maybe it’s just me but I seem to have better luck with the +RW. Of course my HP400C was + only so I have more of it.
I’ve had good luck with Ridata branded 4x DVD+RW (RicohJPN W11). (95+ quality scores after multiple writes). I also have some older Memorex 4x DVD+RW (Philips 041) that’s still holding up. I’m getting 46% quality scores on one that has been written 2x per month since February 2004. It’s physically beat to hell which accounts for the low score due to a couple of big PIF spikes but no PO Failures. Also, the BCGB firmware seems to handle CDRW and DVDRW media better than BCDB.

Oddly enough I only get 94-95% quality with the sony 11 or the ricohjpn stuff with my 1650.

My 1620 hates the sony11 but my 1650 is impartial to the sony or ricohjpn

It would be easier for us to advise if you have a list of media you can get.

Nevertheless, in my experience these are good stuff:

  • DVD+RW: Verbatim 4x (MID= MKMA02), Sony 4x (RICOHJPNW11), and Verbatim 8x (MKMA03 -not widely available yet)
  • DVD-RW: Verbatim 6x (MKM01RW6x01)

I don’t know what is available to me since I haven’t looked yet, thought I would get some recommendations first. I bought ny TY02’s from rima.com, would i find what you listed there? Do retail stores like BB or Staples carry this media? Thank you all!!

Verbatim 4x right at the top, 30 for $23.50 (.78 ea)
I suspect the Ridata 10 for $9 (.90 ea) at the bottom are the RicohJPN W11.
You can usually get the Sony 4X at Staples. They’ve got a deal online now for 25 for $19.98 (.79 ea)
Remember you’ll have to pay shipping on top of that!

You can usually find Verbatim or Sony 4X at Staples, Office Max, Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, or Microcenter. If you can get them to your computer (shipping, tax, gas, etc.) for for less than $1 each that’s good, less than $.85 each, that’s great!

I can get 95 pretty regularly with the RicohJPNW11 on the 1655. I have seen one 96% with a brand new disc about 4 or 5 down in the spindle. I did a full erase first, then burned it. I cycled the tray but never touched it, then scanned it. That said, I’ve beat up that media, dragging it from work to home to LAN party, until the scores are <50% and it still reads without PO Failures. I’ve never had one fail to read after it was written unless I put a huge physically scar across it. (same with the Philips 041, BTW).

I stopped by Staples last night and they had the 25 pack Sony 4X DVD+RW for $12.98.

[Since this thread was linked from the other thread, I’ll post here too, although I don’t have a BenQ]

I use RW media frequently to transfer TV shows from my PC to my Divx-capable standalone DVD player. I only use DVD-R to archive a whole season and then only for shows I know I will want to view again in the future. So, the rewritable capability has uses for me.

I find that - no matter how careful I am - regular RW media gets scratched up and then doesn’t work properly.

So, I find that by far the best RW media is Verbatim 4x DVD+RW “Videogard” media that are “over 40 times more scratch resistant”.

Buy.com has them for $13.99 for a 10 pack (which comes in slim DVD cases) and also has free shipping on orders over $25. You can find other stores by searching froogle.google.com .

This is cost effective, because they should last longer and not need replacing as often as cheaper RW’s.

Like zevia posted, 6x -RW from Verbatim is a good choice.
+RW - problems with most of them and this drive.

I thought that BenQ’s liked + media more, or does this just apply to R’s and not RW. I gather I can’t go wrong with either Verbatim or Sony, right. Thanks everyone!


It depends on which country makes the media. Sony has made in taiwan and made in japan. Made in japan is better as it is the media code Sony