Which RW media for nec 3520a



I think I’m gonna get a nec 3520a for my unix system as a backup device. I’d like to order a box of 25 or 50 RW (either +/- - not sure it matters) to use as
media. I’ll be formatting the disk as a ufs filesystem and storing files. I don’t really care about speed (aka 2.4x is fine with me - it’ll do the backup while I sleep) but I do care about reliability (no errors on burn) and moderate durability (aka 4 or 5 years of shelf life would be nice).

I’ll likely get the drive at newegg and was thinking either the ridata 4x -rw or 2.4x +rw. But I’m open to suggestions - they even have fuji 4x rw (but they are 1.70 a disk).


Same answer. BTW, bad form to post in two places, but don’t fret, we were all new once.



But they guy in the newbie forum told me to post it here :frowning: Now that I posted it here you tell me not to :frowning:


Btw thanks for the recommendation. With regards to usage I figure i would rotate through the disk doing a backup once a month and then reuse when i get to the end of the stack - hence rw - maybe i would be better off just using R and throwing them away at the end of the rotation. Do you think R would last much longer ?


Your system sounds good as far as utilizing +RWs. Most people have found that an RW disc will fail all at once and your method will cull out any problems on a fairly regular basis. Write once discs will last longer but no one yet knows for sure. I don’t think many people here would use R discs and throw them away; too wastful. As long as you are using RWs you might want to do two back ups unless the system you use gets to each disc every 6 months or so. I would want to check them twice a year. BTW, it is very possible they will last 4 years. It is just more risky with RW media.