Which ripping/burning software for 1620?

After sifting through a lot of posts of all the people showing their great scans with the 1620 I’m a bit curious as to what software you guys are using in conjunction with it? I’m completely new to burning and so far I’ve been using a combo of Shrink and Nero on some pretty cheap media to learn with. My results have been pretty consistent with a quality score of 97 most of the time. Here’s a coulple of my scans which don’t seem to be that bad considering how bad I heard this type of media was… That is if the scans are right and I’m understanding them correctly.

I mainly burn with CloneDVD2 for movies and Nero for data. I shrink movies with CloneDVD2, Shrink, and Rebuilder/Procoder (most used). I rip using AnyDVD/Clonedvd2 or decrypter.

I use Shrink for the majority of movies as it gives the best quality IMO generally with deep analysis and the sharp visual enhancement options ticked.

Elby’s CloneDVD 2 for the occasional one because you can remove bits from the DVD while keeping the menu system intact which is something Shrink cant do.

And lastly DVD Rebuilder which is actually a GUI for several tools for encoding movies with CCE (Cinema Craft Encoder) very easy, it gives the best quality hands down but takes a long time about 3-4 hours on a high end PC I only ever use it for movies that are exceptionally long which is where the previous two don’t do so well.

Is this a commercial product? I haven’t heard of it before…

Rebuilder itself is free, or you can donate, the encoders CCE and Procoder cost money (look around), but with the installer version of DVD REbuilder it comes with a free encoder called QuEnc. Download the installer version and go to other>tools and download Avisyn and install it first.

download page


Installer Version (this installs DVD Rebuilder .74 and a number of other things needed, like a free encoder QuEnc)


AviSyth (install this first, needed)


If you want a free solution, use DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter. Both works great for me.

Excellent advise so far. Nero for data and dvd video, Dvd Shrink and Dvd Rebuilder for shrinking dvd-9 movies. I often use Dvd Decrypter to burn dvd images, as it supports a wider range of formats compared to Nero.
I also use Nero Vision Express to make compilations of tv shows, usually by first writing a folder on my hard disk and then burning it with Nero, although you can burn directly to dvd if you want.

I use AnyDVD then use DVD Shrink to ISO Mode and Burn with CloneDVD2. I know it’s a weird setup but it works great for me. :slight_smile: Data and such I use Nero primarily.

For backing up ,ovies I use CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD. for data I use Nero. I was going to give Nero recode2 a try but the newest version has some bugs in it. the one I downloaded wouldnt let me rip from my DVD rom drive. I am going to try out the freeware Menu Shrink next backup I do.

i use anydvd and clonedvd to rip. nothin is easier or cleaner. keep menus, remove garbage, and you don’t have to search forever thru the dvd to pick the items you want/don’t want. nero to burn dvd video.

AnyDVD + CloneDVD combo to rip/burn for video, Nero for data.

Anyone use burnatonce? I’ve been having problems getting it to work correctly with the 1620.

Usually AnyDVD + VobBlanker then DVD Rebuilder.
Burning with RecordNow 4.60, Alcohol, or Disc Master 2.5

One combination I use when I want a movie that plays without any menus is DVDdecryptor and DVDFab.

I use DVD Decrypter to rip a dvd and DVD2DVR2 1.8.4 (with cce) to encode a dvd.
It can only do a main movie, so no menu’s or extra’s and it’s slow, but when quality comes first it’s a very good choice. It’s certainly my first choice because I don’t care about menu’s or extra’s.

Decrypter and Dvd Rebuilder which has awesome video quality compared to DVD SHRINK.

DVD Shrink + Nero 6. I just dont see why I should use something else. It does all I want and its very easy to use.

I guess you haven’t come across SONY ARccOS copy proctection. You’ll use something else, then. :slight_smile:

and what is that something else that I should get :slight_smile: ?

I’m trying Rebuilder with CCE now. Hopefully the long wait will actually be worth it.