Which: Rima or SuperMedia?



I’m in California (U.S.). Which of these two suppliers of TY media is better to order from? Or should I just go w/whoever has the best deal? I.e. they are equally good to deal with?


I have ordered a bunch of discs from Rima and never had any problems with them. I cannot comment on SuperMedia since I have never ordered from there. I tried other stores like Meritline however I always go back to Rima. I am going to order some more Taiyo’s from Rima right now :cool: .


both are good stores.
go with whoever has the better deal. :slight_smile:


Rima has the best customer service reputation of the two. However, you can get better deals from supermediastore if you keep an eye out. It’s a bit of a trade off.


Rima/ACCA has awesome service. They will bend over backwards to keep you happy. Price isn’t everything.


Thanks, everyone.

Yes, I’ve learned from sad experience from other vendors that price isn’t everything. I didn’t notice where Supermedia is located, but I did see that Rima is in California, as am I, so I guess I get hit w/sales tax if I order from them. Oh, well… Ya pays ta get yer good media.


Supermediastore is also in CA. Virtually all media places are so you are SOL for sales tax no matter where you go. :wink:


Both are good. As I know, Meritline is also a good store in CA.


www.resellerratings.com begs to differ with you. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been VERY happy with Rima’s service, even though shipping to NY can be a bit pricey. As I understand it, Rima is also actualy the ONLY Taiyo Yuden certified re-seller of their unbreanded media. If I’m wrong about this, someone please correct me. For some really excelent info about who and what Rima is, click here.



Thanks for all the info, guys. It looks like I’ll try Rima–ResellerRatings reviews had nothing but high praise for them. After reburning a bunch of disks that are very important to me (because even tho they played, I thought I could do better on my Quality Scans) on MCC 003 Verbatim branded, and getting good results, I’m going to try TY to see if it gets even better.

I got a 25-pack of Fuji-branded TY from BB to try (and yes, I paid thru the nose, but it’s only 25). I’ve since read that even Fuji-branded TY can have some issues (poor disk handling, smudges and fingerprints, etc.), so when I run most of the way thru the stack of blanks I have right now, I’ll order some gen-yew-wine TY from Rima.


I have had excellent experiences with all three. No question, Rima is superior. The other two have improved of late, especially Meritline. If you stick to quality media, you should be fine with any of the three. BTW, you might want to try some of the Value TY. I have had very good results with it and you have drives similar to mine. It usually is G01 or G02. G01 burns better, especially at 4X.