Which Rewritable 4x media fpr LG 4120B?


I am just wondering which 4x capable Rewritable Medium (+ or -) will work best with my brand new LG 4120B. Do you have any experience with that?





I have a 4082B and maybe you can share my experiences.

I have had excellent experience with Ricoh based +RW - media code “RICOHJPNW11” - and my 4082B. I have tried TDK, Ritek and Ricoh 4X +RW. They all have the same media code and work flawlessly with my 4082B.

I also have a Verbatim 2X -RW and Optodisc 4X +RW. These two disks read and write OK on the PC. But sometimes they skip and pause in my DVD player.


I haven’t tried any +RW/-RW media with 4120B/4082B and even if I had, I can’t remember what happened to the discs as I have used too many drives and media.

Most of my DVD+RW/-RW media are either from Lite-On or Princo. I also have some Melody and Verbatim DVD+RW.