Which replacement dvd drive?

hiya ALL…newbie tony…i have a 2006 lg rh177 hd/dvd recorder …it has not had a hard life but like 99% of lg dvd drives it wont load or play/record discs just says “unknown disc” then ejects (very common if you look on internet and lg just do not want to know!!:)…i have family stuff on hard drive that i want to copy…so my prob is which dvd drives will replace the orginal one…i am not bothered about how it will look or what speeds etc just as long as it works and is more reliable than the piece of crap thats in there now!!..i am not into all this tech jargon but my friend has offered to do it for me,but wants me to get replacement dvd drive,thank you for any info…

This is a pretty standard problem with these recorders. Eventually they will just stop playing different types of discs. I had the most problems with DVD-r’s. It always seems to play Original Disc’s but it does take a while to Read the disc. The problem is LG install crap DVD Drives.

A replacement drive from LG cost over £100 and is just the same piss poor quality Drive that was supplied in the machine.

Better to use the link here: http://www.ifndef.altervista.org/index_eng.html and upgrade the Drive. There is a list of compatabile drives, but after trying the LG GSA-H55N I found it did work but not very well. See my other posts for more information about this.

So ‘Cliverm’ found the LG GSAH10N to be the perfect fix, which is what I recommend now after following his advice.

You can get the drives off eBay for between £10 and £30. I used the GSAH10N which is a reasonably easy fit. You need to take the insides of the GSAH10N and build them into the case of the DVD Drive that came with the RH 177. The DVD Drive inside the unit has a weird case which stops you doing a straight switch.

The linked website has full instructions and photo’s of each step. Read the instructions through first and take your time and you will enjoy your unit better than new.