Which registry cleaner should i use?>>>>>>

earlier i was infected with a downlaoder virus called de.exe which resides in my internet temo folder, i use “disk cleanup” in windows and successfully remove the virus, or so i thought.

whenever i turn my pc off, when the shutting down screen appear, 3 dialog boxes pop up and tells me the “dw.exe is missing” and i can’t see the other 2 becasue my system shuts down before i could take a look at them, the pop ups are still there whenever i shut down my pc, and it’s getting worst and worst ve just got another one stating something about symantec update missing or something, this is getting worst and worst.

-would a registry cleaner fix this?

-if so, which registry cleaner should i use? which one would you personally recommand

i did found 2 free registry cleaners, one called “CCLEANER” and the other “eusing free registry cleaner”, i have no idea what i should be using, so please help.

You need to find out exactly which variant of the thing you have and download the appropriate removal tools from your antivirus service provider. Some variants can make over 300 copies of themselves on your C drive. A reg cleaner won’t help. This is mainly a trojan, and may well be using your PC for who knows what.

for a start i wouldn’t use norton (symantec) i’d uninstall it and install either kaspersky, nod32 or bitdefender, also download [I]ewido[/I] http://www.ewido.net/en/download/ update it and scan your pc

Why is this in thae hardware forum? Where can I get my hands on one of those hardware based reg cleaners? Lol.

[I]coolaid[/I], seems like de.exe (aka Mange-Tout.1099) can be a pretty nasty thing…
If this virus resides at Master Boot Record, the best thing is to reformat and start all over again.

..."When Mange-Tout is resident in memory, it hijacks the 
interrupts 08h, 09h and 21h (clock, keyboard and DOS). It 
infects COM and EXE files which grow by 1099 bytes. The 
virus activates when a computer's keyboard has been left 
untouched for one hour. It tries to erase the computer's 
CMOS memory and main boot record, but fails more often than 
not and only manages to crash the computer.
The words Mange and Tout are French; the viruse's name can 
be roughly translated as 'omnivorous'. A 1091-byte-long
variant of Mange-Tout is also known to exist". 
([B]Note. Copied from F-Secure webpage[/B].)

which registry cleaner should i use?
The best free RegCleaner. :wink:

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i use this;

well i clean out my registry, but to no avail, i did stop a few pop ups, but one still remains and continue to pop up when i shut down my pc, this is anonying, pelase tell me what should i do, i’ll willing to use any method or any means to destory this once and for all, so please helpme.

its not the registry thats getting you popups, its spyware, and malware. for that you need spybot search and destroy or , adaware,

download [B]Ewido[/B] aswell

The best cleaner is located on your Windows-CD.

[B]“The only way to clean a compromised system is to flatten and rebuild.”[/B]
Jesper M. Johansson, Ph.D., CISSP, MCSE, MCP+I
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Best solution to your problem is to use Pc Optimizer Pro.This is the best registry cleaner able to remove your problem.Download it from http://www.pcoptimizerpro.com/

Easy Cleaner is worth a look, I believe:


Good luck.