Which Region Please?

I recently bought a dvd and went to play it on my computer only to be told that it couldn’t play it because it needed to be played in Region 2 and to change my dvd player region. When I clicked on ok and it took me to where I could change it it told me that I could only change it between regions a maximum of 4 times and then after that it wouldn’t work at all no matter what I did!

I’ve never had this problem before when playing a dvd on my computer even when I’ve bought dvds from America so I can’t understand why I’ve had this message all of a sudden!

Apparently mine was set at region 1 so I clicked it and changed it to Uk Pal region 2 - I think I have them the right way round.

As I’m now a bit concerned due to the very few times that this can be changed I was wondering if anyone could advise me what region it should be set at. As I said before I’ve never had this before and every dvd I’ve played on my computer has worked before no matter where I bought it from?

Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

Since you are in the UK then that is where you should have it set to, unless you can make it region free.

Making it region free depends on the make and model. Search the firmware section here at CDFreaks to find out.

Thanks very much bean55 I’ll certainly have a look at that.

Many thanks again.

Right, you are in the UK which is already europe (even some people from the uk deny that) and so the correct setting for DVD is region 2 (PAL).