Which Reg Cleaner?

Dear all,
I have been trying several reg cleaners but didn’t found the one that actually cleans the reg like I think it should do.
After having installed loads of programs and un-installed them through months and months my registry gets bigger and bigger.
Even after all the cleaning when I edit the registry there is all crap left from software I un-installed months ago.

is there anyone who knows about a cleaner that actually compares what is in the registry and disk and get rid of all that crap?



A very good point. I used a lot of different software for that purpose. None worked. So, I clean the registry manually time to time. It is time consuming, but far more effective than a software that actually does not clean your registry.

i dont know if one exists, but a registry monitor that tracks changes would be a nice utility to have before you start installing programs. unfortunately, i never think of this until after i’ve installed loads of sh*t.

i’ve also tried many registry cleaners, and ended up having to hand clean. i usually had to clean it for specific reasons, rather than “its spring cleaning”.

Ashampoo i believe does take a pic B 4 and after you install.

regcleaner 4.3 works well for me

Advanced Registry Optimizer is the best I’ve used so far.

Even after using a reg cleaner, this mans method can still be required.

I have been using System Mechanic 5 Professional which has been doing a great job at keeping my registry clean. It deletes all of the junk in the registry and allows you to set parameters for the search that it performs on your registry. You might want to try it, seeing that they do allow you a trial period. :bigsmile:

JV16 Power Tools works great. Lots of nice tools in addition to the registry cleaner. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I have been using an older version of system mechanic, no money to get new one right now, it seems to do a good job, but like alex said, no reg cleaner does it right, gotta do it manually from time to time.

That’s the truth…you have to in and delete stuff manually most of the time.

Sure. Also I’m fond of combo SM5 Pro / [COLOR=RoyalBlue]RegSupreme Pro[/COLOR]

Free & handy > CCleaner

RegScrubXP is a free tool

thank you ever so much for all your contribution so far.
So it’s probably as I thought before asking. there are good cleaners (don’t know much about what they clean though) but in the end a “hand job” is a must. OK.

thanks again guys.

My feeling is that if the OS gets to the point that I can’t clean with JV16 I it’s time for a fresh install

I hate doing fresh installs if the system is working perfectly fine. Just because the registry gets a little cluttered, don’t be too lazy to do a little hand work and clean it out. Lets say for example if your bedroom got cluttered, you won’t take everything out and redo the whole room…you just clean up “manually.” Fresh install is not the fix unless the registry is messing up and if that is the case you can restore the registry if you have been keeoing it backed up which is what everyone should do.

If it is working “perfectly fine” then there is no need to do a fresh install.
JV16 has alot of tools that speed up the manual cleaning process. It is not just a reg cleaner. I don’t mind doing a fresh install regardless, it’s not that big of a deal.

… Not to mention manually cleaning the registry scares me a bit, since I don’t know what the beep I am doing. :o

To avoid some of the hassle of reinstalling, I make backup images at various stages, clearly labeling what changes have been made (programs installed, drivers updated, hardware added.) It also helps keeping the windows install & programs on separate drive/partition than any data.

…If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… unless you really want something to need fixing. :stuck_out_tongue: