Which rebranded 1620 and media should I get?

I’m looking for a 16x DVD burner and have decided on getting a Benq. Now, whats the best deal on a rebranded one? Ive seen the Nu Technology DDW-163, (I think its a rebranded Benq)… is that best choice? And seccondly, what media tends to work best in Benq drives? Could you sudgest some that costs less than .50 each in a 100 pack?


While I’m a pro in software engineering, and most things about the hardware, I must admit the people here are much “deeper” into the DVD drives than I (one can’t know everything :slight_smile: ).

Following advice from various threads here, I picked up the NU DW163 from Newegg for about $60 delivered (black bezel, they want quite a bit more for the beige). It’s a genuine BenQ 1620 - flashes to “Pro” level 4x dual layer if you want.

So far I’m amazed (had the drive about 10 or so days now). It shipped with “G7H9” firmware, and I opted to stay in “G” firmware, moving up to G7P9, which I’m happy with.

From the same vendor I opted for a cheap stack of +R 4x Optodisc (50) for about 26 cents each, which consistently give me scans of 97% quality, and play without problems in all the stand alone players I’ve tried (including a very picky, ancient Yamaha).

My next pack of media will probably be Ritek (RiData). Right now a 100 pack, including a rebate, of 8x RiData can be had for under 40 cents a disc, delivered. There’s a section here on “deals” - but as I’ve looked around and read here one must take care. The brand and the manufacturer may have little correlation, with few exceptions. These slow Optodiscs of mine are ok, but I’ve read much greater satisfaction from RiData. Check the very long thread of scans (“post your BenQ media here”) and you’ll get a feel for variations in media types and quality.

Take note about the rebadge packaging, though. The NU DW163 doesn’t come with a cable, and you should use an 80 wire type - not the older 40 wire type.

So you have to flash it to a different firmware do dual layer? Does that void the warrenty?

Also… For media. Is it better to use DVD-R or DVD+R? I’m extremly confused over what media is best, I never realized it made much difference. From what I can gather Fuji TY02 are good? Does newegg sell any of these?

You void your warranty if you flash to a non-NU firmware. If you flash to a B7PX official BenQ firmware, then you void your warranty. I wouldn’t worry about it if you buy your drive cheaply enough. :smiley:

If you use media that’s supported, DVD-R or DVD+R, then it doesn’t matter. Search through the threads to find good scans of various types of media that have burned well on BenQ DW1620 type drives (retail and OEM ones). Here’s a start:



So you have to flash it to a different firmware do dual layer? Does that void the warrenty?

With a nod to socrates007 (know this stuff well), I thought I’d clarify what I meant.

I flashed to “G7P9”, which is the OEM version of the firmware matching the features of “B7P9”. The “P” version gives the 1620 a dual layer speed of 4X. The previous (and stock) firmware cut dual layer disks at 2.4x maximum.

Staying in “G” firmware doesn’t void the warranty. It’s expected you will upgrade your firmware, and “G” is released for OEM use. The only real difference is that with “B” the drive identifies itself as a “BenQ” brand - and therefore runs BenQ utilities. “G” identifies itself is a generic Atapi DVD, unless a specific vendor pokes their own name in there.

Now, the G7P9 DOES allow one to run the BenQ QScan utility (free from the website). In the earlier firmware the software denied the drive.

It’s actually an effort to “cross flash” - moving from “G” to “B” firmware. The installers released by “BenQ - official updates” won’t flash a “G” to a “B”. You have to use one of the “unofficial” flashers to stuff the “B” in there (it simply writes without checking first). After that, your drive is a genuine “B” - and accepts firmware from the BenQ flasher built into their downloads. This does void warranty (though frankly it’s a technicality).

Thanks for all the help. Has anyone used This Fuji Media from newegg? I think its good stuff, but just want to make sure before I buy it.

you can go over to bestbuy and get the same thing and save you some shipping. just check to make sure that its made in japan and not made in taiwan. if its made in japan its more then likely ty02 which is awesome media.

I also bought some Fujifilm (TYG02) DVD-R media rated at 8x speed from Best Buy that stated it was made in Japan. Best Buy had both, made in Japan and also made in Taiwan there. I bought the made in Japan ones because of what people said in here about it. I like the media very much and think it’s very good quality. I just burned one at 12x speed (you can overspeed your burns with these to 16x speed) and you can see it here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=815264&postcount=49

I prefer 12x speed burning with my BenQ DW1620s because they seem better than 16x speed burns; even with respect to DVD+R media. I don’t mind because 12x speed burning is only 30 seconds or less slower than 16x burning.

If you are concerned about the warranty you can crossflash back to the G FW that came with your drive…or just make sure you have a version of the G FW and this will not woid your warranty. But these drives are very reliable that I would just stick with the B FW and update with official BENQ FW.