Which reader?

I think I traced my burning problems to my reader drive. I have a dell Dimension E520 with dual drives, top is a reader only and bottom is a r/rw. Had problems reading movies with the reader but zero issues with the r/rw. I plan on just getting a new reader drive and wondering if there is something I should look for or stay away from.




Just get a new R/W drive, these so cheap now days.
I don’t see a point of having just reader.

To my personal opinion, Pioneer 112D or 115 would be the best choise.

What interface do you have on your PC, PATA (regular IDE) or SATA?

If you have SATA I’d recommend a Samsung 203x burner - these are excellent readers also.

If PATA, I’d go with a Pioneer 115(D).

As the user before said, with the price of burners nowadays I’d just go with one of those, rather than hunting down a dedicated reader.

I would say go for a DVDRW drive as it will do same as CDRW drives will do but will handle dvd media and for the cost is better for your investments. I use and currently own a 204H liteon unit and it worked well so far this past month. But stay with name brand drives as your better to get support and tech help and better replacement timeline when you need it. Check the warranty info as well when you do buy drives. Also make sure it as the MOD said is IDE or Sata connector so you don’t end up spending more money then you should.

The E520 is SATA. Everyone has their favorites, but the Samsung 203B and the Pioneer 215D are solid readers. You can’t go wrong with either one of them.

I’m in agreement with some of the posters here; don’t bother just getting a reader when one that does both for fairly inexspensive. I also like the Pioneer, although i’m enjoying my LiteOn’s too. :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=ActionPoint;2049387]The E520 is SATA.[/QUOTE]

Haha, missed that - a real Blonde Moment here, as the PC I’m using to type this is also an E520 :bigsmile:

In that case, I’d go for the aforementioned Sammy 203x, because as mentioed they’re terrific readers also :slight_smile: