Which -R media burns at 12X or 16X?

This is a burner CAPABLE of burning -R media at 12X and 16X… so, with the latest (4X DL) firmware, which media can I do this on?

Okay, I RE-read all the reviews and have summarized THEIR findings as below:

BenQ 8x DVD-R SONY08D1 --burns at–> 16x
Daxon 16x DVD-R DAXON008S --burns at–> 16x
Matrix 8x DVD-R TYG02 --burns at–> 16x
Maxell 8x DVD-R MXL RG03 --burns at–> 12x
Memorex 8x DVD-R CMC MAG. AE1 --burns at–> 12x
Sony 8x DVD-R SONY08D1 --burns at–> 16x
Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R TYG02 --burns at–> 16x
Verbatim 8x DVD-R MCC 02RG20 --burns at–> 12x

Does anyone have ADDITIONAL results? Also, can someone recommend use of any of these based on GOOD QUALITY RESULTS and AFFORDABILITY?

Just pulled this from the BenQ support site.

For firmware B7P9.

Release Reason:

1. Enable 4x writing speed for DVD+R DL media.

Media List:

For 2.4x DVD+R DL media which is able to write at 4x:
01. Mitsubishi (MKM 001)

Support 2.4x DVD+R DL (Double Layer) media: 
01. Philips (CD2)
02. Ritek (D01)

Support 16x DVD+R media:
01. BenQ/ Daxon (DAXON AZ3)
02. BenQ/ Daxon (DAXON CY3)
03. BeAll (BeAll PG0)
04. CMC (CMCMAG M01)
05. GigaStorage (GSC503 H01)
06. Infomedia (INFOME R30)
07. LeadData (LD M04)
08. Maxell (MAXELL 003)
09. MBI (MBIPG101 R05)
10. Mitsubishi (MCC 004)
11. MUST (MUST 006)
12. Nanya (NANYA FLX)
13. NSD (NSD R40)
14. Optodisc (OPTODISC R16)
15. Optodisc (OPTODISC F16)
16. Philips (PHILIPS C16)
17. Prodisc (PRODISC R04)
18. Prodisc (PRODISC R05)
19. Ricoh (RICOHJPN R03)
20. Ritek (RITEK R04)
21. SONY (SONY D21)
22. TDK (TDK 003)

For 8x DVD+R media which is able to write at 16x:
01. BenQ/ Daxon (DAXON AZ2)
02. LeadData (LD S03)
03. Ricoh (RICOHJPN R02)
04. SONY (SONY D11)
05. TDK (TDK 002)

For 8x DVD+R media which is able to write at 12x:
01. Umedisc (AML 002)
02. BeAll (BEALL000 P80)
03. EDD (DT-D03 004)
04. Infodisc (INFODISC R20)
05. Infomedia (INFOME R20)
06. Maxell (MAXELL 002)
07. MBI (MBIPG101 R04)
08. MJC (MJC 003)
09. Mitsubishi (MCC 003)
12. Philips (PHILIPS 081)
13. Plasmon (PLASMON1 C01)
14. Prodisc (PRODISC R03)
15. Ritek (RITEK R03)
16. WingSing (WINGSHIN 001)

Support 16x DVD-R media:
02. MBI (MBI 03RG40)
03. Mitsubishi (MCC 03 RG20)
04. Maxell (MXL RG04)
05. Optodisc (OPTODISC R016)
06. Prodisc (Prodisc F02)
07. Sony (SONY 16D1)
08. TDK (TTH02)

For 8x DVD-R media which is able to write at 16x:
01. BenQ/ Daxon (DAXON0 08S)
02. SONY (SONY08 D1)

For 8x DVD-R media which is able to write at 12x:
01. BeAll (BeAll G40001)
03. Mitsubishi (MCC 02 RG20)
04. Maxell (MXL RG 03)
05. Prodisc (Prodisc S04)
06. Prodisc (Prodisc F01)
07. Ritek (RITEK RG06)

NOTICE! Superior quality disc is recommended for high speed writing! 

Is there any place to get the BenQ media (DVD+R) here in the states? I’ve seen some very good results [comparable to TY] using this media. Btw pchilson, can you provide the link to where you got this information. I tried to look for it, but w/o any luck finding it.

Meritline is selling the BenQ media, if you can trust them.

Click the little pencil next to the B7P9 firmware.

Anybody knows when DVD-R media by manufacturer “LONGTEN 001” will be supported?

I got my Benq +r and prodisk +r from them, they are ok.

Has there been issues with meritline?

Just do a little search on them…

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