Which PSU?

Which Power supply unit shoud i buy ?

Zalman 400W -> 106 euros
HEC 425W -> 110 euros
Tagan 480 -> 117 euros

Of those, I have only heard of Zalman. You can read a very specific review of a Zalman 400 watter here, but I don’t know if it’s the same model you’re looking at.

Personally my next power supply is going to be a Seasonic. Very quiet, very efficient, reasonably priced.

Yea, Seasonic are nice and quiet but out of the ones above the Zalman (Seventeam?) is probably the most slient one, otherwise I’d for gor the Tagan.

Antec True or Smart series PSUs. Accept no substitute.

Of those 3 mentioned:

  • the TAGAN is gonna be the nicest

Personally I prefer ENERMAX PSUs.

What is your spending limit (please in US currency:D )?

If I may suggest my top 3:

  1. Antec
  2. Thermaltake
  3. Enermax

Stoner I agree. Antec all the way.

Antec and Enermax are quite overpriced compared to other brands that are just as good such as Seasonic. I’ve been fond of Seventeam myself unfortunately they’re hard to get where I live and they’re not worth importing.

The best power supplies I own are Enermax. Two 12v rails for clean power, smart adjustable fans on the latest versions. I’d recommend the Noisetaker or Noisetaker AX line, either the 420w or 470w models. They also have a 3-year warranty.

I agree with Diizzy that Antec is overpriced. They’re not bad, but they’re not as stellar as they’re made out to be. Failure rate is average for a power supply that pricey, other than their ultra-expensive Neo model, which I don’t think is worth the huge premium.

If you want a reasonable budget PSU, Thermaltake would be worth a look. You’re not going to get the dual 12v rails, but if you don’t have auxiliary 12v rail for your motherboard, this isn’t as big of a deal. I’ve heard good things about Seasonic, but haven’t seen them around here.

Finally, if you’re a big spender, the new OCZ PowerStream models are really nice, with each rail being adjustable, and they’ll fit both the new 24pin Intel setups as well as coming with an adapter to go to the standard 20pin ATX. They also have a five-year warranty. Prepare to open your wallet, though.

Antec is overpriced compared to Seasonic? Can I get some of of what you’re smoking? Seasonic AFAIK is rebadged TTGI PSU, and in the US cost more than Antec’s True series and a lot more than the Smart series. A Seasonic Tornado 400W is $89, while an Antec True 430W is $69.

            Seasonic 400W:                Antec 430W:

+3.3V 28A 28A
+5V 30A 36A
+12V 22A 20A

If I were an overclocker looking for a new PSU, can you tell me which one I would rather pick? The one w/ low 5V rail that’s shared w/ the 3.3V rail, or one w/ a higher rail, that’s not shared?

And the same can be said about Enermax PSUs.

It’s the oppsite where I live and the Tornado series have a 120mm fan instead of a 80mm which is good if you want a quiet PSU.

According to Judas, he is somewhere in Greece, so I guess it will depend on what the pricing scale is there for these brand names mentioned here.

Antec and Enermax PSU’s are almost double priced where i live!

Τhe Tagan 480W is very powerful -> http://www.hardwarezoom.com/viewcontent.jsp?ReviewID=186&PageNo=1

+3.3V 28A
+5V 48A
+12V 28A

But probably i’ll buy something even cheaper since i’m not going to overclock and don’t need so may Watts :

Heroichi HEC 385W Silent -> 65euros -> 80dollars
+3.3V 35A
+5V 36A
+12V 18A

xtacydima :
I answered without seeing your post :eek: :eek:
That’s so wierd , like i knew what you were going to say :slight_smile:

I am sorry to hear that, do you know anyone in the US maybe, family or firends who can hook you up?

Have you checked Thermaltake brand, is that too doubled in price in Greece?

Seasonic designs and manufactures their own PSU. TTGI power supplies are rebadged Super Flower models. The new 14cm fan models sure look interesting though.

I had a Super Flower model with my old Super Flower case. It got good reviews on Toms Hardware Guide, and tested fine when I had it withthe 12V rail.

I would recommend it if you can get a rebadged one since that is cheaper where you are.