Which PSU?

I have recently got a new case for my PC, It has cathodes and a few gadgets, I have also recieved a DVD-RW drive. My question is can I simply upgrade froma 250w PSU to a 500W or will it blow my mother board?
Im running a
P4 1.1GHz PC
Nvinda 3200 Graphincs card
Two floppy drives
Segate hard drive
Samsung 2nd hard drive
DVD drive
DVD RW drive

will it be OK to go for the 500w PSU? sorry if it seems a silly question. :confused:

Also, If I upgrade my motherboard, chip and RAM, can I just use the old hard drives with it, or does everything need to be re-installed?
Id like to go to about 2.00GHz.
Sorry if both seem silly, im new to this. :rolleyes:

This is in the wrong thread, should be under general hardware, but never mind, sure someone will move it.

Don’t worry you can easily upgrade to the 500W PSU it won’t blow nothing, it would be better anyway you seem to have a lot of devices in that pc of yours, so having the extra wattage means that you don’t start getting times when your pc suddenly fails on you.

As for your second question, yes you can upgrade all that stuff and just plug your hard drives back in and you won’t have to reinstall everything. Obviously you’ll have to uninstall drivers and install the new ones for onboard sound or whatever, etc but apart from that nope.

A 500W PSU seems like overkill with that setup though. Unless you plan on adding a load of stuff at a later date.

You will probably have to re-activate Windows, if you’re using XP, as it will see a significantly changed hardware configuration. You may even have to re-install, as I’ve seen cases where this is necessary due to changing board/CPU.

ah, my old friend windows xp, how could i forget about your activation process…

You cannot ‘blow’ a motherboard by putting in a high wattage PSU. That 500W rating simply refers to the maximum power output of that particular unit. It won’t actually put out that much power unless you install enough devices to draw 500W.

Make sure you get a quality power supply though. There are tonnes of cheapies out there that will give you unstable voltages and won’t really reach 500W. Also cheapies can short out on the DC side and kill your hard drives and other gear. Make sure you go for reputable brands like Enermax, Fortron, PC Power & Cooling, Antec, Vantec, NexusTek, etc.

To see how much wattage you really need, check out this Power Supply Calculator.

Swapping CPU or RAM will not require an OS reinstall. Swapping a motherboard will make windows get very cranky and will probably require an OS reinstall.

I agree with Jucius in that I don’t think upgrading to a new motherboard is necessarily that simple. If the new M/B uses the same chipset as the old one (eg VIA ) then it might work otherwise just plugging the drives in will probably not work. I’ve always tried to upgrade the M/B with one using the same chipset. If you do this update the chipset drivers to the latest versions first as this might improve the chances of success. I hope I’m mistaken about this but with earlier Windows versions it given me problems & I’m lead to believe that XP is more troublesome in this respect.

Your upgrade can be very easy without worrying 'bout matching Chipsets, GPU, or anything else… Rebuild the box and boot to your XP CD. Choose “Repair Install” (not repair using recovery console) and complete the install. Then insert the driver disk that came with your MB and whatever else, and load drivers. Of course I would then go online and do all MS updates.

When complete, your data, apps, and configuration should be in place just as you last saw it!!!

Good luck… :cool: :cool:

Oh by the way, if you are also upgrading the hardrive, then your first step is to image the old drive to the new one (Ghost, Drive Image, whatever), and then begin the process above…