Which program to use for ripping music?



Which program should I use for extracting WAV files from music CDs? I'm currently using CDDAE available here.

Is there a program called EAC? Is it better than the one I'm using?

Thanks a lot.


EAC or Exact Audio Copy, available under www.exactaudiocopy.de is simply the best audio ripper.

So download it, have fun, and forget all the others :wink:


yes …EAC with the lame3.92 mp3 codec.

or Feurio… is pretty good


I Like Audiocatalyst v2.1
It is make better compression with out loosing audio quality.


For best quality audio rips, use exact audio copy in secure mode. For a fast but nevertheless good quality rip, use cdex. Both are freeware. (Well, eac is actually cardware.)


CD-DA X-Tractor isn’t bad for a free program. It is very easy to use and gives plenty of output options.


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I used Musicmatch Jukebox for a while and liked it, despite my general hate for bloatware. It was fast and my rips sounded fine.
I read about EAC here on the boards and so I got it and the latest version of LAME. EAC was a bit harder to start using due to the many options and it took me a while before I could figure it all out. I started really liking it after that, but found that it was quite slow, even without secure mode and all that.
I timed some things and Musicmatch was churning out mp3s at almost twice the speed, and at the same bit rate, so I ended up going back even though I was reluctant to keep using MMJB.
I cant tell any difference between MP3s ripped between the two proggies.


ripping is for EAC

encoding is for Lame 3.92

musicmatch is for the recycling bin


Only if you have the patience to wait for it, which I dont


Originally posted by Gorky
Only if you have the patience to wait for it, which I dont

If you haven’t the patience for eac, try cdex. It’s quick and dirty but free and good.:wink:


Thanks Ill look it up…


eac usually rips my cd’s anywhere from 8x up to 20x, depending on the relative age of them. encoding with lame is usually around 3x for VBR @ 192. i tend to use a little too much of my processor at times ;). but, i play my mp3’s through rather large speakers, rather than 5 watt computer speakers, and its much easier to tell the difference between a fraunhauffer encoding and a lame encoding.


Yes, EAC is simpy the BEST .

I have switched to this & never looked back again.


ckin2001: What kind of speakers do you have?

I think I’m getting some Klipsch Pro Media 5.1’s real soon… I also have to hear my computer sound through something that shakes the walls…Great for those games and playing Little River Band songs…Oh, did I say “LRB”? I meant Slipknot. :slight_smile:



i’m using the out on my sound card to run it to a yamaha receiver, to a couple of cerwin vega 12 inch towers and 2 smaller vega 8’s. everything sounds great :smiley: .