Which program to Edit DVD recordings?

I have a few questions on editing the LVW5005 TV recordings on a PC. What program allows you to edit the DVD recordings, I am familiar with Vegas 5, DVD Architect etc. Thanks in advance

I have found this works well on recordings from my E-50.


Try the search function on this forum for eg, editing 5005
One such:

Nero Recode (Nero VisionExpress3)
DVD Album SE3 (buggy and proprietary for Panasonic DVDRAM)

Most of the other software mentioned are much slower in editing and recoding. In truth, all editing software are kind of buggy and slow when you want to editing hours of video.

I’ve tried many but personally like to use NeroExpress3! You can edit with all the fancy stuff (wipes, fades etc…) or you can edit out the commercials only!!

Last time I checked Vegas and DVD Architect were over $500. Nice if you have it! The programs mentioned by the others will do the trick.

I use TMPGenc DVD Author (also known as Tsunami DVD Author). It is simple to use, cheap (around $40) and you can try for 30 days free at the following link to see if it meets your needs.


Ok :iagree: so I have my editing programs, but how do I get a VOB into a format that they can open :confused:

Import with DVDDecrypter and then burn to file with NVE. The resulting .vob file(s) can be imported into any other program you like.

And in my experience thrunner is right, this kind of stuff can take a long time.

I have found that simply changing the extension to mpg will work with some editors, and not with others. Give that a try==could save hours of rendering.

Close to above==anyone know of a program that can read an unfinalized disk? It would be nice to simply copy a given recording onto the harddrive but I haven’t found a program that can do this==or even the whole unfinalized disk. Ripping the dvd or dvd/rw with tmpgen (sp) or other program introduces too many errors in my first attempts plus takes way too long.

Obviously, the stand alone units have software that allows such single item recording, but the computer software programs don’t==or I haven’t found them yet.

Any ideas?

leaglebob - for the unfinalized dvd +/- r’s I haven’t found anything yet that’ll read 'em on a PC burner. For the rw’s just drag and drop the video_ts folder to copy it to your PC hardrive, no need to rip it. This works with finalized +/- r’s also.

just drag and drop???

How did I miss that. RATS. I have tried ripping and also using IsoBuster which all too often produces files that get mixed up. Sound, no sound, out of synch sound.

Wont it be great if a standalone could be hooked up to the puter via USB? I’d buy it.

I also don’t see what is hard or “proprietary” about having the puter be able to open, play, edit the unfinalized write once products. They just ain’t friendly folks.

Thanks Jm. You provide some great info==just like above.///bobbo

jm1647 is correct. You can just copy the video_ts folder from a finalized DVD + or - to the hard drive. I do something similar but slightly different.

If I want to do some “basic” editing. For example suppose I timer record a program but start it early and end it late to make sure I don’t miss anything. I now want to edit out all of the “lead in” frames that have nothing to do with the program and edit out anything after the program ends.

I put the “finalized” DVD from the 5005 in my computer and launch DVD Shrink.

I then use “Open Files” in DVD Shrink and browse to the video_ts folder on the finalized 5005 DVD.

I then use the “re-author” mode of DVD Shrink to change the “start” point and the “end” point of the program. This edits out the “early” and “late” frames.

Next I “backup” and create an *.iso file of the program to my hard drive.

Finally I burn the ISO file to a DVD using either DVD Decrypter or Nero.

If I want to edit out commercials, I use TMPGenc DVD Author and essentially do the same thing but do more elaborate “cuts” and build my own chapter menus.

Works like a charm.

@unwired - Nice Work !!!

@leaglebob - you’ll hafta open up your 5005 but ya can hook it up your pc via a usb to ide adapter see here. Should be enough room without taking the bezel off the drive tray (which I have not figured out yet, without me thinking it is going to break). I hook up one of my pc ide and power cable to the drive while it is still in my 5005).

If ((when)) my 5005 goes, I will certainly try that. I read the computer hook up/burner change threads with interest but I understand such a hookup simply hooks the freestanding burner up to my computer–ie, it no longer takes input from the free standing unit==not what I want at all. I want to be able to have the freestander work as designed but be able to edit names, chapters etc with the computer. There is no middle ground is there?==either the burner in the freestander is controlled and operated by the freestander, or it is controlled by the computer.-??? If thats not true, then indeed we have a hybrid possibility and the non finalized disks could be read by the computer if it was hooked up as suggested?

Only because I have started this post, jm you mentioned that pressing the edit button will stop the freestander from trying to initiallize a partially recorded non finalized disk and thereby avoid a coaster?? Do I have that right, or can you explain further as any hint would be a help and you could post that to your sticky above? I understand trying to get the unit to read the disk and I have gone up to 23 tries before the unit finally saw a partially recorded disk. I think cycle life of the loading mechanism is a key unaddressed parameter that should be reported on (big smiles).///bobbo.


Not sure which editing program you are settling on. If it is DVD Author then here is a link to a variety of guides that you will find helpful.


Assuming you already have a finalized 5005 DVD, you will treat it as if your “source” in DVD Author is “Add DVD Video”.

If you read through some of the guides I think you will find that you can do almost anything you want. It is a question of how much time you want to invest. :smiley: