Which program to cut MPEG?

Well I think lots of people know the very good program called ‘Mpg2cut2’, which can cut parts of the video you select, and save them. It’s cool because it’s really easy to use, but it can be useless for some as it’s not really “clear-cut”.

TMPGEnc DVD Author can cut MPEG videos but can’t save them(?). Impossible to save file as MPEG with VirtualDub(Mod). Cuttermaran might be good, but you can’t use anything else apart from M2V files.

So what (free or not…) program can do the same job as Mpg2cut2, but in a more exact way? Thanks.

Take your pick…


I use VideoRedo Plus to cut mpeg files. Works very well.

I think most of the ‘free’ ones cut on I frames only (.5 second precision). I use AVIDeMux myself. The frame accurate ones have to re-encode the GOP that the cut occurs in, and they usually charge for that feature.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2134803]I use VideoRedo Plus to cut mpeg files. Works very well.[/QUOTE]

I will use this one – Thanks for your help guys! :slight_smile: