Which program to backup

…The Sims Double Deluxe, On Holiday Expansion and Hot Date Expansion.

Rough guides for programs are below. SafeDisc 2 which your games are protected by need a “2 Sheep” writer to be copied without emulation.

Alcohol = SafeDisc, Starforce 1+2, SecuROM 4.85xx w/ emulation
Blindwrite = SecuROM 4.85xxx(perfect with Plex Premium)
CloneCD = SecuROM 4.85xxx(CloneCD + Twinpeaks + BWA), Laserlock, Ring Protech
DiscDump + FireBurner = SafeDisc 2.51+
DiscJuggler = SafeDisc, SafeDisc 2

Can’t Do = StarForce 3, Tages

For further information try the Search as this has been explained time and time again.

NB: Tages can now be backed up

Originally posted by CD 1986
NB: Tages can now be backed up

Still in very early stages, and for advanced users only.