wHIch program should i use

I have Clone Cd4 (and clonyxxl/profiles), Alcohol, and Blindwrite Suite. What is best for burning Safedisc games and what is best for Securom. Also, in blindwrite suite, how do i apply a bwa file that i created. One last thing, what exactly is a bwa and what does it do (blindwrite is so confusing and i really cant get anything done with it). Thanks for any and all helo:confused: :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

you can download blindwrite at


it has blindwrite version 5. It is all automatic. you go to read and then pick folder you want to store image and then hit read.

to write the image you browse out to image you stored and then put blank in and then hit write.

or you can use alcohol . if you use alcohol make sure you disable virtual drives.

after you install it you can go to there premade profiles and copy the game.

clonecd new version just install it and use the game profile or copy right profile and copy your game.

it is all up to what you would like to use


i use blindwrite but that is just me.

Thanks for the help but i wanted to know if u could tell me somtin else. I have blindwrite Suite and u told me to get blindwrite 5. I wanted to k,now if somehow i could update it with the same liscense that I have right now. I tried goin to the site and pressing the update thing but that just gave me the trial version telling me to buy it. Same thing for clone cd i think. I had a clone cd 4 liscence and i wanted to know if i could use it again somehow. any help would be great. Thank x again

i cant speak for clonecd at all . As far as blindwrite if you bought version 4 less than a year ago then you get blindwrite version 5 free upgrade.


from where can i get the update. it be nice if u could kinda give me directions cause im kinda slow lol thankx

u will be contact by phillip as far as upgrade version and he should be able to help you out .


if you have bought blindwrite less than a year ago then contact


and they will be able to get some information from you to look up when you bought it and then if you are entitled to an upgrade they can get you going on that .


o thank but… i tried that already and since i bought the program off my friend i was rejected from the upgrade but thanx anyways? any other ideas lol