Which program AND how do I play ripped DVDs?

which program AND how do I play ripped DVDs?

so I ripped the DVD movie to my Toshiba Satellite laptop…

…but I don’t know how to go about watching it on said laptop!!! (I’ve got TOSHIBA [SOFTware] DVD PLAYER, WMP, RealPlayer, WMCenter from Vista Home Premium, QuickTime, IrfanView, iTunes. WHICH of these programS let me watch ripped DVDs? AND HOW do I go about doing this???) Or do I need to get/download some FREE program???

(I’m not interested in asking about burning it but since I’m touching this subject, is it right/OK to use “Data Disc” Mode w/ NO MULTIsession vs DVD-Video MODE??? (I use BurnAware FREE Edition, downloaded @ http://glorylogic.com/download-free.html ) )

Thanks for your help,

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