Which prog has the best burning engine?

i used to like nero, but with ver 7 it’s bloated
i want to switch.
i’ve heard VSO’s copytodvd is really good
is the engine as good as nero’s?
any advice on a good alternative to nero, or should i stick with nero 6, and maybe get 7 when it’s less buggy.
i use alcohol for images, i just need a data prog

One of the best burning software is DVD Decrypter. Try the brand new ImgBurn, the latest evolution of burning core of DVD Decrypter.

Elbie’s clonedvd 2 seems to work great for me. It can copy a dvd from the hard drive without recoding it again and the dvds just seem to look better than stuff I burn with nero. Clonedvd 2 and dvdfab both seem to shrink to fit without losing picture quality. Dvdshrink uses the nero burn engine, but seems to look better than nero and is way less buggy for me…

yep CloneDVD2 with AnyDVD is awesome… it can ‘backup’ any sort of dvd in any sort of way you want to… much more options that dvdshrink ever had.