Which Profile To Use

Copying an Audio CD

Using Audio CD profile: Copy plays in CD players only
Using Multimedia profile: Copy plays in PC and CD players

I thought a copy was duplicate of the original and that if the original plays in both PC and audio CD player so should the copy.
Is Multimedia profile designed to produce an audio CD that will be played on both PCs and audio CD players?
Is Audio profile designed to make copies for audio cd players only?

I’m used to Clone CD ver 3 where there were no profile choice to be made, so any information would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

there are better programs to make audio backups

but i think you just want a back-up of a normal music cd. I am right?

then use the audio profile

the multimedia profile is for audio cd with a small video clip on it.

you could use both profiles on a cdrw to try

I’ve always used Clone CD 3 for duping games, audio. programs.

But in Clone CD 4 the Audio Profile does not produce a CD that is playable on my PC. It will play on audio CD players.

Using the Multimedia Profile, it can produce an audio CD playable on both the PC and an audio player.

What is better for duping audio CD’s. Roxio EZCD? What makes other software better than CloneCD for audio?


this is strange!
These profiles just set the subchannel reading settings.
You can set this manually, if you know what you do.
If your drive is fully compatible, your CD should run, no matter which profile was selected (if your Cd is unprotected).
But I agree with damiandimitri, there are better programs for copying audio cds.

The reference is EAC.
Best features it offers:

C2 error detection
Offset correction
Offset corrected recording (unique)

But this has nothing to do with the “sound-quality” of your recorded disc (except possibly undetected C2 errors).

CloneCD has no advantage reading or writing audio.
If you are satisfied with CloneCD then it’s clear that it works for you, but too many people have problems because CloneCd behaves strangely with audio (bad rips, problems with tracks…).

Also, if you want to do compilations you need another things: the most used specialized audio burning tools are Feurio and EAC.
If the CDs are in good condition Feurio is enough, and EAC if they are scratched.
Of course, they are more difficult to setup, but much more powerful.

As per little-endian and minix’s suggestions, I am now using EAC for audio.

Thanks for the replies and the information.