Which processor?

I am running an Emachine E1331g-03w with the MCP61PM-GM REV: 2.4 motherboard.
Computer is running: AMD Athlon ll x2 235e, 6GB , 1TB HDD, Nvidia 9300 (added on), with Tagan 800w power supply (added on) .
I want to put a faster processor in it, but the specs online are for an earlier revision and according to those website specs, I’m not supposed to be running whats in it now, and it’s from the factory! Contacted maker also, said it was up to Gateway what they done after it was given to them. So no help there.
I’m not the richest guy in the world and would like to update a little, but not blow my comp up with wrong components.

I’m not sure if is possible to upgrade that old system, but just for curiosity, can you provide a budget so we can also explore some solutions for a new mainboard?

Can you also say us where do you live (USA, Europe, etc) so we can also provide some examples?

Around $100, USA.
The system is a couple years old, but still performs well, the 'net gives conflicting statements on this mobo in relation to processor wattge especially. The stock processor is running more than the wattage they listed, i think it may have to do with the revision, I don’t know.
There are several upgrades from places like tigerdirect for Amd’s for $100 or less that SHOULD work, but I need to know WHAT will work. Thanks!


the problem is:
This is an OEM motherboard. It might be based on a motherboard that is also available as retail board, but it will not be identical.

Voltage regulators might be simpler thus not being capable of handling CPUs with higher power demands. And there is an OEM bios which lacks the code for supporting later CPUs.
So even if there is a retail sibling of your motherboard that would support later CPUs, this would not necessarily mean that this is applicable to the OEM version, too.

Apart from that: A CPU upgrade is only worth the money if the new CPU has a performance gain of at least 50%. That said, I would try to find out if such a CPU exists and if it is supported by motherboards of the same age as yours.


Your first mistake was buying an eMachine, under Gateway they tried to help this Line of Computers but I feel it’s a loosing battle. Save your money and start planning on building a New Rig. Do your research and buy the components little by little. Case, Motherboard, Power, Memory, and Graphics Card. With this you can Test for POST, then build from here. :cool:

I was hoping someone could give me something more useful on this thread other than to criticize my computer.
With the economy the way it is at present, this is all I have and would like to be able to “boost” it a bit as well as to figure this mobo mystery out.
Thank you for the “help”. and if anyone out there has a solution that will work for me please continue to post for me.

I found the specs to the motherboard on Gateway’s website, looks like they use the same board for some of their computers:

Based on the info from the above link, it’s hard to recommend a CPU upgrade when you are limited to 89W and under CPUs. Mostly, because you will not likely see too much of a performance increase going to a new chip and also compatibility may be an issue.

You can get a x2 265 for under $100 on ebay, going from 2.7 to 3.3 Ghz should theoretically give you a CPU performance increase of ~22%. Depending on how CPU intensive the tasks you perform are, you may not even notice a difference. Please tell us what aspects of the computer are “too slow” for you and we should be able to make a better recommendation(s).

Edit: Just some more info I found.
Some people have upgraded to Phenom II CPUs and claim that the board supports up to 99W chips: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/266637-30-emachines-mcp61pm-support

Just as a alternative, as others have suggested, it would cost more than $100 but you can get a new mobo and CPU which may be a better solution all things considered. Does your current setup have DDR3 or DDR2 memory? A new CPU and motherboard combo on newegg will be ~ $150-$180.

Thank you adict2jane! :bow:
This really does help. There is still a mystery to this setup, but that really sheds some light on my problem. Thank you and thank you for your time searching.
If you or anyone else here finds more out, please post.
Thank you ALL!

Hey todacreek,

Glad to help out. I’ll ask again, please tell us what aspects of the computer are “too slow” for you and we should be able to make a better recommendation(s). Also, does your current setup have DDR3 or DDR2 memory? If you are running 6gb of memory, the specs on the gateway website are somewhat useless as it says the board can only use 4gb max.

Use CPUz to figure out if the memory is DDR2 or DDR3 and how much is actually being utilized by the mobo: http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html

I am running ddr2 6400 ram. The mobo is recognizing and running this perfectly and from research, has something to do with the revision. It SHOULD read up to 8GB according to this revision.
Really a mess.
Thanks for all your attention and knowledge as well as time finding solutions for me.

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Ok, well, depending on what you are using the computer for, a graphics card update may be more beneficial than a CPU upgrade. Are you mostly gaming on this machine, if so what games?

Otherwise, what programs are you using? programs that are multi-threaded such as video editing software would be able to use all four cores of a quad core. However, many programs are still limited to utilizing only one or two cores.

So let us know and we will help you decide on what to do.

First off nobody was criticizing YOUR computer but as they say It is what It is. E-machines are pretty low end computers as are most HP, Compaq etc. Even the higher end of these computers are hard to do a lot with. I’m surprised that you were able to upgrade your power supply.
Your best bet is to watch the sales on motherboards/ processors and combos and buy you a computer a little at a time. You already have the power supply, and maybe the case will support a new MB.
If it were me ( and I’ve done it before ) keep what you have and get every thing new, piece by piece if you have to, and then use the 'puter you have for internet surfing and downloading networked with the new one you will build ( with maybe a friend to help ), then your friends can be in awe of your new Powerful computer an you can say I Built It Myself…