Which printer?



hi to everyone , been reading about disc printers and am thinking about getting one , but i want one thats real easy peasy to use, the ones i keep reading about are the epson r285 and canon ip4500 help me please…which one is the easiest many thanks for any ideas



If you live in the UK then the Canon is the best choice.
If you’re in the USA it can only be used after purchasing the disc tray and doing a small modification.


thank you


The IP4500 is the best choice wherever you live. It just takes a few steps to enable disc printing in the USA. It has the best color matching out of the box, where the Epson takes some fiddling to get accurate colors. If I was buying a printer for the family idiot, it would be the Canon just because they tend to be trouble free down the road and are cheaper to use.


thank you , very much appreciated