Which printable DVD Media choose for 4163B to replace rough TYG02 printable surface

Hi guys, I will finish my old batch of TYG02 and I want to buy new DVD media. Actually I find TYG02 print surface was to rough (good burn but bad print) and I want to give a try to another brand.

My online dealer have these following discs in stock.

  • Verbatim DVD-8X (MCC 02RG20)
  • Verbatim DVD+8X (MCC03)
  • Maxell DVD-8X (MXLRG03)

Which of these brand are working best with LG4163B drive?, My TYG02 was very good media with Low PI Error and Low PI Failure, (gave me 95%-98% on all burned media with CD/DVD Speed).

They are all good stuff. The two types of Verbatim discs should burn nearly as well as or better than TYG02 on the 4163B. The Maxell discs while also good, generally have a slightly higher amount of PIFs than MCC003 or MCC02RG20.

I cannot comment on how well the printable surface is though, as I don’t print on discs.