Which preferred--make ISO or file for backup?

I’m kind of new to burning DVD’s and am curious what do most of you who have more experience than me prefer after ripping a DVD, making an ISO image then editing and burning, or making all the VOB files then editing and burning?? I’ve done a few VOB file burns, what really is the difference if any?? Any more quality or speed involved?? Just would like some opinions from those of you who have had more experience. Thanks a bunch!!

It also depends on how much time you want to spend on the backup; if you want to get rid of warning and/or other extras or you want to do a little re-authoring like starting the movie immediately or from the root menu, etc.

For me, if I have just single layer DVD-Video, I use DVD Decryprer first ISO-Read, than ISO-Write. Simple fast. I do not care to copy everything. Time is more important.

In case I do want to re-author a single layer, or for all dual layer (to back up to single layer media)

I first use DVD Decrypter to rip in File mode.

I then use small program TitleSetBlanker to remove the titles I do not want. I do not need the full power and complexity of VOBBlanker.

I verify every stage with free program Windows Media Player Classic where you can open the VIDEO_TS.IFO file play the DVD and see what will be the final result, or you can also open the individual title IFO with this program and see what is the individual VOB like, if you want to keep or blank.

When happy with the results, I load DVD Shrink for removing audio and subpictures, and setting more compression for all menus and extras, and hope to get 85% or better in the compression of main movie. DVD Shrink makes ISO file. I like to burn later in separate step.

If I want I can mount the result ISO in Daemon tools and check, also playable in WMPC, you hae to open “CD drive” menu here.

I burn the result ISO with DVD Decrypter.

This is just me, others have different ways, I hope we all share what we do.

Are you able to edit an ISO image file like the VOB files or is it simply what you see is what you burn?? I like to remove certain audio streams etc to take up less space. Am I able to do that on an image or should I stick to my original VOB file method?? Thanks!!

you can’t directly edit the files if they’re in an iso, although most programs aimed at editing dvds create new dvd files anyway.

I’m a intermediate newbie on this and lately I’ve been using DVDdecrypter to write the iso then use DVDshrink to edit/compress as needed and then write. I’ve found that DVDdcrypter will read scratched or damadged disks better :iagree: You can go in and up the retries on decrypter and then ignore errors if need be. :bigsmile: