Which Plextor to buy? Need it to be Bitsettable

Hello which dvdrw internal drive do you reccommend?
I want it to be bitsettable…i want to take dvd+r media and make it show up as dvd-rom…i do not want the burning software to do the changing…i want to be able to change the software of the drive itself…

thanks for your help

If you want a real Plextor, get a PX-716A, 755A or 760A. You’ll need to use PlexTools to enable bitsetting (just once, the setting is stored in the drive).

The Plextor 755 and 760 are both very good drives and are both bitsettable. Depending on which Plextor you can get in your area you can’t go wrong with either drive. Be careful with the S ATA drives as you must check to see if you have a compatible S ATA controller.:wink: