Which Plextor is better for CD scanning and reading?

I got PX-760A and Premium 2 ( Premium incoming ) which one is better for CD scanning and CD reading ??? or other Plextor ???

Among 760A, Premium, Premium-U, Premium II, I pick the one available at the moment.

I got problem about CD scanning it is very big difference between PX-760A and Premium 2
I scan second 760A and Pre 2 again same thing happen
[B]I like to know Difference Plextor DVD Burner and CD burner for CD scanning ?[/B]

I think you said among your 3 Pre2, there are difference too.

No I check my two PRE2 it is same only PX-760A
[B]P.S very strange Beta / Jitter scan[/B]

Think I going to deep inside :doh:

I would like to say that cd burner scan cd, dvd burner scan dvd.
Generally speaking, dvd burner is a better cd reader. A better cd reader will make scan result looks better too.

For scanner, the pickier the better.

Just my 2 cents.

I would like to say that cd burner scan cd, dvd burner scan dvd = :iagree:
Generally speaking, dvd burner is a better cd reader = :iagree: [B]I got 6 PX-760A for CD reader[/B]
A better cd reader will make scan result looks better too = :confused: [B]but very strange Beta & Jitter scan ?[/B]
I have to find out what is wrong

My recommendation would be to use the Premium(2) for CD-scanning and the 760 for CD-reading.

You can see here:
that the Premium2 sees errors whereas the 755 does not. IMHO this is an indication that the CD-drive is a lot more sensitive to errors.

And here:
you can see, that the 760 has near-perfect CD-reading. Unfortunately the folks at CDRInfo haven’t tested the Premium 2 yet. I’d love to see these tests done on the Premium 2. They have tested the original Premium drive, but unfortunately back then their testing was a bit different, see:
However, since the Premium 2 is very close to the original Premium, i’d guess the results to be similar.

Thank you very much hwp :bow:
Now I know it :iagree: thank you for your help :flower:
think I got a big problem about my two 760A :doh:
I have to get more CD writer right now :cool:

My scan-results are about 10% better (lower c1) with 755 than with Plextor Premium1. My scan-results with 712 are significantly worse than with Plextor Premium1(all tests performed at 10-24x).

Burnsama your wanting to get nitty gritty pickey eh?

hwp does have a good idea.

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No more Drive :iagree:
I order PRE 1 and 4th PRE last friday :stuck_out_tongue:

You still need a Premium-U (Premium external usb). :bigsmile:

My 2th 3th PC show up soon and was my Main PC go for test and Light Scribe pc only ( repair soon ) :bigsmile:

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