Which Plextor drive for EAC?( I own 2)

I was wondering I own both a PX-760 and a PX-W2410TA(Plextor-24/10/40A)

If someone could inlighten me as to Which drive is best for EAC CD DAE, I would be very greatful.

I would say a CD reader/writer would be the best but only if you want the best. DVD reader/writers do a good job though.

this is what I thought but i am getting the feeling after reading how the px-760 supports for advanced features in EAC like caching, accustream etc…

I am not sure fo any of this , which is why I am hoping someone has solid insight in regards to these matters.

Update here is an excellent website that has created a DAE Drive Faeture Database and it seems both my Plex models have all the features in corporated.

So my question si does any know which of the 2 drive is a better(more accurate/speed) DAE?

Well burn a few with both drives and scan. That would be the best way to tell. Personal experience.

Do you have PlexTools? We’ll help you read the scans.

Absolutely I do, but my Plex cd writer does not support plex tools, only the px 760 therefore I have to rely on it’s scans to determine which drive is the better burner.

I am sceptical since the px-760 has always indicated that it’s burns to CD-R are better than the Plex W2410T. This test was done many times and the media used was Taiyo Yuden 52X. It seems that the 760 does very good CD-r burns at high speed 32X. Problem is how reliable of a cd-r scanner is the 760, since I only have it to rely on the quality of my burns.

Actually this is all besides the point, My main concern here is DAE quality in EAC.

Sorry but you will have to check it out yourself…no one can tell you what’s the best :wink:

I cannot say for sure whether the 760 or the 2410 is better for DAE, but usually DVD-writers have an edge when reading CDs. But depending on the quality of the disc (resp. the type of error it suffers of) it may as well be the other way around. In the CDRInfo-Test the 760 did excellent for correctable errors and about average for uncorrectable ones which is very good performance because few drives do exellent with correctable errors and all are about average with uncorrectable ones.
See: http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Reviews/Specific.aspx?ArticleId=16587&PageId=2
Unfortunately at the times of the 2410a review, CDRInfro didn’t yet do the same sophisticated tests.

The 760 does write CDs well up to 32x speed. For quality burns i’d abstain from using 48x speed. The 2410 should be a very decent writer. The firmware knows up to 40x speed media that were available at the time and thus should be able to handle todays media without problems.

The 760 is only an average scanner for CD-quality. A Premium 2 sometimes sees C2 errors where the 760 does not. This IMHO has something to do with the better reading capabilities of the 760.

Personally i’m not using EAC but Plextools for DAE. It works perfectly that way and i don’t see the need for EAC in combination with Plextor drives.

So do sum it up: I’d use the 760 for ripping.

Why does your PX-W2410TA does not support PlexTools? I have also an PX-W2410TA (somewhere in my computer spare parts universe) and I did a lot DAE with my PX-W2410TA and PlexTools. The PlexTools 2.x should work with the PX-W2410TA! The only thing your PX-W2410TA does not support is the quality check the both Plextor Premium/Premium II drives support.

In my opinion PX-W2410TA is not so bad for DAE, but I did not use the PX-716 or PX-760 for DAE so often. I used my PX-760 only one times for DAE, and the reason was it was currently plugged via USB at my PC… :smiley: …normally I use my Plextor Premium CD drives for CD stuff.

What I ment was my Plex Cd writter does not support the c1/c2 scanning feature in plex tools.

By the way I too agree that plex tools Ease of use and it’s method of using the c1/c2 audio error correction is overall better as opposed to the EAC’s method of reading the disc twice and comparing. Plus Plextools is able to perform DAE with 4x CLV unlike EAC’s 2x speed due to it having to use the drive cache which Plextools avoids. I have read of the heated debate amongst the people at hydrogen audio forums and other places in regards to which method is the over best(EAC OR P-TOOLS), both sides present valid points. plex drives with lousy c2 correction ablilites shoudl avoid relying on plex tools but drives like the Premium or even the 716 and 760 will shine. Bascially if you want the best DAE it’s been said the Premium Plex Cd writers in combination with plex tools is the way to go.

Recently EAC has implemented a command line only for plex drives which speeds up the DAE without sacrificing quality “-usefua” which basically issues an additional command that flushes the cache in the Plex drive before re-reading … this is the same method Plextools uses to handle the buffer issue. However “-usefua” is not a guaranteed workaround since it does not always report a Plextor drive as non-caching. it’s been establish that the results vary with different CD’s and/or different chipsets/IDE drivers/IDE setup.

One more thing Plextools XL is a sloppy/piss poor coded piece of software, It’s nice when it works and funny thing is every new revision they release fixes some bugs while adding new ones.

Anyhow I am NO expert on these matters, I am sure many of you have much wiser and experience insight to add here.

Yes that is right, as far as I know only the both Plextor Premium drives support C1/C2 scanning.

The easies way would be to use the CD burner (or your DVD burner) and you check the burning result in your DVD burner, even it is not perfect. And if the burning result of the CD made in your CD burner is better than the CD made in your DVD burner use your CD bruner, if not use your DVD burner.

If you do DAE not only one in a while, you’d buy a CD burner supporting C1/C2 scanning. I don’t know if there are other drives available than the Plextor Premium II today…?

But sometimes I think the quality check features of the CD/DVD burners are a little bit overated. When the C1/C2 scanning features even exist I made good burns with my PX-W2410TA and never had a problem. I used good media (mostly Verbatim) and did not burn my CD not too fast.
Today I make a quality scan if I open a new pack of media or check if my burner is still ok.

I answer to you 2nd posting here aswell!

Sometimes I have the feeling the “audio freaks” hear the color of the pis of the CD media. I also know discussions if it would increase the audio quality if the side of the CD media is colored by a green water resistant pen and all this stuff. You can spend a lot of money for equipment to have a “perfect” audio equipment, but it is the question if this is necessary…

I never had problems with my audio copies, and I used a PX-W2410TA for grabbing and also a PX-40TS or PX-W1210TSi. I neder had any results I was not satisfied. The only burner I was not happy with was the Yamaha 4416, this drive was big bullshit… :a …but this is an other story