Which plextools scan to believe

I dont use plextools often but I do use it when I have a DVD that does not play correctly. Recently I had a DVD that would not play, and I ran a scan on that bad disk and it came up with pof errors and of course was pretty much a coaster, but I decided to scan another DVD that played fine. During the scan the numbers where not that good .PlexTools Professional V2.19a Q-Check PI/PO Test
Copyright © 1999-2004 Plextor SA/NV
Saturday, March 19, 2005

              PIE        POE        POF
   Avg       2.26          -          -
   Max        121          -          -
 Total     317232          -          0 

Knowing that this DVD played fine even in one of my tempormental players I decided to reboot and rescan.
PlexTools Professional V2.19a Q-Check PI/PO Test
Copyright © 1999-2004 Plextor SA/NV
Saturday, March 19, 2005

              PIE        POE        POF
   Avg       0.19          -          -
   Max         28          -          -
 Total      25948          -          0

Quite a differance from the same DVD if you ask me. I tryed this several times and noticed that if the system was on all day the scans where not that good, even scanning the same DVD 2 times in a row came out differant, but all scans after a reboot or fresh boot up seemed to be constantly better. So what scan do you think is the most accurate. Dont make sense that the same DVD would have such differant numbers just because of the current state of the computer. Just wanted to know your guy’s opinion.

You are right quite a difference! I would tend to believe the scans after you did a restart. There is a vesion update of plextools V2.20, maybe download and see if your reslts are more consistant. I don’t fully understand some of the functions of Plextools myself. Hope this helps. Also have a look at the Plextor FAQ’S.:confused:

Yes I know about the plextools update, but to this point I have experienced this same thing with most of all other previuos versions. I just scanned the same DVD with plextools 2.20 this morning with pretty much the same results. The one thing I do know is that if a disk has errors it would not make sense that a reboot would fix them, just that plextools seems to be more accurate at intial boot or start up. :iagree:

Well not knowing what kind of system you have and how long you leave your system running, there could be more background applications running that are interfering with the scans. System reboot refreshes your systems memory and probably doesn’t have as many applications running. Only a guess. :slight_smile:

The PI/PO scans should always be taken with a grain of salt as they represent how a particular drive can read a particular disc at a particular moment. There are too many variables and that’s why the scans should, in my opinion, only be used as an additional indication of the quality of the disc. If the discs play fine in your DVD players but the PI/PO check shows high values then is the disc bad? Whenever I burn a disc I just do a quick Transfer Rate test with PlexTools or Nero CD-DVD Speed and if my drive can read the disc without hickups then the disc is good. If I make a back-up of very important data then I do an additional PI/PO check (usually Sum 1) for peace of mind :wink:

If you scan several times you will notice that the error numbers start to converge near some maximum.

This is what the drive performs like when in under constand use and after having heated up a bit.

As such, it is a variable you need to take into account, when determining burn/reader compatibility.

The numbers themselves are just read instance results (just like Gamefreak stated): they will differ from one test to another. They are all reliable (now assuming no bugs in Plextools Pro), and show the level of variability the drive has under varying conditions (mostly temperature delta).


Thanks for the reply guy’s I was just wondering about your opinions. I normally dont bother scanning unless it’s critical data or a backup of a home movie with my wife and kids that I just cant live with out, Which was the case recently, the back up movie would not play so I did a scan and it hit 400 PIE and had numurous POF errors. Funny thing was when I did a reboot the scan still hit 400 PIE but no POF. I was able to rescue this DVD back to good quality using some software and making another copy even thow I still have the original that works fine I just wanted to see if it was possible to get a good working copy from a bad one and it worked out great. I was able to get a working copy from a bad one and the scans came out great PIE less than 15 and no POF’S. Thanks again for your opinions :smiley: