Which pc remote?

I’m looking at these two but am open to suggestions. I want something that I can buy locally (I have already wasted too much money trying to get a remote working and want something that can be returned locally if it doesn’t work how I like). I’m hoping for an ir one so that I can program my harmony to it’s functions.

This ones ir

I have also considered an x10, ati remote wonder, or firefly


But I think they are all rf so I couldn’t program them to my harmony. I’m just trying to run nero shotime, navigate files, and or run an htpc front end (like nero home).

Anyone farmiliar with any of these or other ir ones that I might be able to get locally (frys has all the ones I listed except the remote wonder).

What about Microsoft’s remote?

It seems like the Streamzap PC Remote has pretty good functions and works with most media players.