Which PC monitors do you guess to buy?

Hi to everyone,
I was wondering if one of you gurus can help me in choosing a good monitor for my PC, because the one I have is not working any more.


Well if you want the best LCD monitor Dell makes some ultra sharps that have IPS panels in them that are supposed to be excellent. The 2209 ultrasharp is one that uses a version and is on sale there all the time. It’s a 22" wide screen, they also I believe make a 24" version but you’ll have to double check what panel type it uses. The IPS panels have better color reproduction and wider angle veiwing, plus possibly better black level/contrast. They might be a bit slower then normal cheap TN panels so maybe games might get some smearing but most users say they are fine for games too.
I don’t have one yet but I will get one someday when money gets better. I’m using a AOC TN cheapy 19" wide right now, it’s OK but not what I would have bought if money hadn’t been part of the purchase consideration seeing how it only cost me 65 bucks.

Hi mate and thanks for your reply!
I read a lot about Dell and they seems to be excellent, may be I’ll take one of those ones…


There are a couple of non TN type panels out, IPS and S-PVA . The PVA panels tend to have much better black levels and contrast, the IPS is faster and has good contrast, They both are much wider angle before the picture contrast changes, a TN panel you almost have to be directly in front of it. The 2407wfp is a 24" S-PVA panel that users are also raving about but it is not on sale as much and is quite a bit more money.
You might want to see if you an try out or see in person both types to see which one you like better, plus can afford:cool:
There are sites that have rundowns on all the panel types and their plus and minuses if you want to do some googeling. http://www.pchardwarehelp.com/guides/lcd-panel-types.php theres one guide/quick comparison for you.

Hi mate…
I was thinking to buy the E248WFP
what do you think about it?
I mean, it don’t seem to be Ultrasharp but it looks good as well

The 2407wfp is a 24" S-PVA panel…

that’s anther good one…

Thanks again,

It’s just a normal TN panel so it’d probably be great for gaming but not as good for pro photo work and like that. If you don’t care about a wider viewing angle and better blacks and color I spose it would be fine, everybody has to make a choice that makes em happy for the money they can afford to spend.
That’s why I ended up with this Acer 19" from Office Depot for 65 bucks US. It was cheap and works well enough for that kind of money. If I had more money I’d get one of those Dells or something else with similar panel construction.

I see you point of view…
what abot this one:
Ultrasharp 2209WA 22" wide screen:
it’s smaller but with a S-PVA technologies…isn’t it?

Thanks again,
Stefano :flower:

That one use a cheaper version of IPS called E-IPS and most user who have tried it like it a lot so that might be a good choice for you if it’s in your budget, it’s seems to be on sale a lot here on the USA site.

okay you’re right…it’s has the e-IPS technologies and not the S-PVA

That one use a cheaper version of IPS called E-IPS…

Does it exist a Dell with the newer IPS panel?

Sorry mate…I was mean 22’’ with E-IPS

Probably, but I haven’t researched every one they sell, just the ones my deal site posts and the 2 of these keep coming up and most buyers seem to like either one. There are other makers that use both types of panels like HP for one so you might want to do some searching and see what else is around and how real users like them.
The better quality ultrasharp Dells just seem to always get good reviews.

you’re right again…I’m just reading about HP monitor and they seem to have this kind of panel…
I’ll have a look and in case I’ll report to you…it’s always better ask for a guess!