Which patch for 166s?



Patching my 166s reader with one of the CG’s firmwares will not increase ripping speed for pressed discs will it? That’s fixed at 16x, right?
I am currently running stock DS1E firmware. If I was going to try patching it which firmware would I use as a starting point and what results might I expect?
I know question has probably been asked a million times before and I know it depends on each individual drive, but I have to confess that this still confuses me?


The readme in the package may answer some of your questions. It will not affect pressed single-layer media. But it can affect pressed dual-layer ripping speeds.


Yeah, I’ve read the package but I must be thick.
From what I can see it is best to start at the bottom and work your way up?
Say 12, 12, 10 is a good place to start?


Doesn’t matter. Starting from 16/16/12 and working down works, too.


I am also about to install a 167T for a mate.
Am I better off leaving it stock or or updating to one of the patched firmwares, bearing in mind that I will not be on hand to change the firmware if it becomes necessary?