Which PATA controller card for Vista 64-bit



I need to move onto Vista for memory reasons and this necessitates the 64bit variant of Vista.

Now, I have 6*parallel ATA dvd-burners on my rig. I need to move them over.

My Silicon Image CMD0680 does not have full working 64-bit drivers, afaik.

So, can anybody recommend a PATA controller that plays nice with dvd-burners and has full Vista 64bit signed drivers?

Are there any such beasts out there?

Or the alternative route: SATA to PATA converters and a separater SATA card that is dvd-burner compliant and with 64bit Vista drivers.

PS No Promise or Highpoint controlellers, thanks :slight_smile:


Not familiar with Vista crap, but this thread might be a good start. :wink:

BTW, think [I]zebadee[/I] runs a couple of SiI0680 without issues (don’t know if this on 64 bit Vista though).


Thanks! I’ve asked for a clarification in that thread.


Hi :slight_smile:
Have responded in that thread.
[B][U]See here:[/U][/B]


Thanks for clarifying this [I]zebadee[/I]. :clap:

Only have two of those SiI’s, but no Vista 64 hit :bigsmile: or whatever. :wink: