Which Panny?

The sales are coming.
I want to spend up to £250 on a Panny DVD recorder.
I want to copy my VHS tapes to DVD and Multi region might be a option or Freeview.
What model should i look at please ?
Happy Xmas to you all

Slightly outside your price range, but I got a DMR-EX75EBS at Currys on Boxing Day for £277. (Reserve on line, collect at local shop, pay £277 as opposed to £359)
150GB Hard disc, takes RAM cartridges, records to +/- DVDR and +/- DVDRW. Freeview tuner, HDMI output, DV in, SD card reader, progressive scan.

Whatever you buy, you cannot record a commercial VHS tape as the macrovision is detected by the recorder and it wont work. (Your own recordings are fine though)