Which packet burning software?

I have the Nero CD, which has In-CD I think its called, and I also have a copy of Roxio’s software, which I think installs thier packet burning software automatically when you install it.

I have not installed Roxio yet because of that, and I figure if In-CD is plenty good Ill just use it and not even worry about Roxio.

Can anyone say wether In-CD is good enough or wether I should install Roxio?

Both InCD and DirectCD are fairly similar. The latest version of DirectCD, though, has an improved Scandisk repair utility and it works with CD-Rs as well as CD-RWs, while InCD only works with CD-RWs.

Depending on your burner, you may chose one or the other (but not both!). InCD is very compact so is great for archiving (I hate bloatware!) while for DirectCD you need to have the complete EasyCD Creator package as it is not an independent install anymore.

I use the latest DirectCD, 5.10.209h so I can packet write to CD-Rs (more reliable medium than CD-RW) but using it with the Lite-ON 40125S (or 48125W for that matter, hehehe :cool: ) it is a slow process at best; burns are actually much faster on CD-RWs. This may be because of the way CD-Rs are formatted, which is verty different to the way CD-RWs are formatted.

BTW, the latest versions of both are compatible with each other. If you formatted a disk with DCD you should be able to write to it using InCD and vice-versa.


Im with ya on the bloatware, I found EAC the other day and its a godsend. I had been using Musicmatch Jukebox :slight_smile:
Anyway, I guess Direct CD would be better, too bad you cant install it seperatly from the other stuff.
Hmm, someone should write a hack to do that

Well ill be… I WAS able to install only it and nothing else.
Kinda nifty

Well I guess I should have been clearer when I said

while for DirectCD you need to have the complete EasyCD Creator package as it is not an independent install anymore.

What I meant was whatever you do you need updates now you got to get the update for the whole package (EasyCd Creator Platinum), not just what you’re using (DirectCD) so it’s one colossal download and a big waste of time for an update on such a small utility and this makes it unpractical to make smart compilations (I like to extract the real deal from the fluff and compile ‘smart’ CDs from several, this makes it much easier to keep all the important, usefull stuff at my fingertips without having to forage through disk after disk).

Well, enough rambling, good luck with DCD!