Which p2p Program?



I aint used programs like this in a while and was wondering which program was recommended? obviously dont want any spyware/adware and also want somethin that connects to multiple networks aswell…

only ones i kno of are
and trusty files

how are these rated?

could u give pro’s and cons of any suggestions u give to better help me make a decision



edit: also wat are the recommended program(s) for blocking bad ip addresses? i heard of protowall off someone on this site but there was also another one that came out a while ago but forgot the name??? also if the program doesnt come with its own list or way to update it easily where can one be found… (hope none of this violates the rules of this forum!!)

thx again


ok it realy up to u wat u use cus i hate upload and i love download so wit that said i say mRIC hard to used if u r new to it but r very good program.but then u might like bittorrment’s so shareaza is the way to go and then u got all the virus and trojan that go along wit shareaza then u got kazaa i thing that is how u spell it it goes by peer to peer points u got to up load over 100MB to get 1000 peer points to download at r good speed.then there is reverse connect it is r dc++ program u got to share to get in to hub’s{hub’s r like network’s} some wont let u in till u r shareing over 100000gig’s and some will let u in if u r shareing 1gig.so as i said up to u wat u use i use reverse connect and mRIC they r the best i found so far and i have used all of them.


i use

EMULE - For rare albums, vids, single tracks Speed varies tredmendosly

AZEREUS (Uses bittorrent) - Popular albums, movies, and games i get 60 dl speed with 18 upload speed usually on azereus with a 576 broadband and i get the torrents from suprnova.org

The Right ports open of course for high ID/ Green faces


hating torrents at the mo i got 1.5 meg download but rarely see my speed above 30 on suprnova and only about 90 or so on ratio sites like bitconsole or oink still aint sure if its cos im on a wireless network or not tho but anyway back to topic:

im afta a program for single tunes cos theres a couple im missing by artists and they either on mixtapes that are hard to get now or dont kno the album and aint really interested anyway

ill give emule a try cos i keep hearing bout that… used winMX earlier but thats really shit now :frowning: shareaza = viruses and trojans?? care to explain a little bit clearer plz

thanx for the help btw



ok if u hate bittorrments use reverse connect www.reverseconnect.com and shareaza = virus and trojan it is like this i used shareaza befor like most ppl when they first start out on the peer to peer stuff and i got so so so many trojan’s and virus from it and it is not funny i had to reinstall windows so many time’s cus of it. but i use revconnect and well if u share r trojan or virus u will get ban for life from the good hub’s cus if u share virus or trojan.e.t.c u will b reported to hub owneder or op u c unlike shareaza that never look at wat u r shareing and let u rate the file. this program will make sure u dont get r virus e.t.c cus ur share all the time is looked at when u log in to revconnect :slight_smile: so if u r 100% virus e.t.c free so can connect to as many hub’s as there will let u but if u got virus then no one will let u in to share


for p2p i use a program called warez p2p, hasn’t got any spyware, and mostly has fast download speeds (120k/s). I hate kazaa as its full of spyware that my adaware always deletes that spyware so i have to reinstall kazaa so i gave up on it. However there is no built in anti-virus like kazaa has but that doesn’t matter so long as you scan it yourself before you open any .exe.


wat is it like bittorrment or hub thing??? i just havent hear of it but i will try it :iagree: so it iis for song’s only i like to download sotf ware so i can try it befor i buy it


yea same here think ill give it a try only want it for single tunes at this rate im gonna jus have to go back to dc++…

for software and things like that found that torrents are alot better to get em cos the speed is generally a lot better while p2p programs like kazaa etc are tempermental at the best of times at least imo


I don’t know about Warez p2p. I can find a lot of stuff. But I just have this itchy feeling that I’m just installed spyware on my computer. I’m running spybot S&D right now…I’ll post whether I find anything or not. The program looks a lot like Kazaa with the ad running around the bottom…


yea the p2p warez have add ware and spy ware i tryed it and found that it has


I’ve scanned my computer with ad-aware and spybot many times and never has either one of them detected spyware in warez p2p, it does have ads though but that doesn’t annoy me at all, they need to make money somehow. And for bit-torrent i use bit-spirit, quite good, you can customise your download speed/upload speed etc. Mind you i hate using bit-torrent for anything other small files, it just usually takes to long to get anything big, but i suppose it does have more files and its more secure.


lol think im gonna have to try find some good hubs on dc++ and jus use that… wats that reverse connect site about? when i went on it it jus says “Azureus: BitTorrent Client Tracker”???

yea it depends on quite a lot of factors but new files are usually pretty good but i found ratio sites are consistently better… not sure about more secure tho?


I gave up on Kazaa too, not only is the spyware awful but it also acesses your whole machine. Trusty Files are ok as far as spyware goes. Its not as effective for downloads as Kazaa and does do advertising when you enter. I suspect it may go downhill. Apparently it was started by people from Kazaa. Its great advantage is that its harder for any legal people to identify you as you are accessing Kazaa and (other sites) as an anonymous user.


Yuck. I just tried Warez P2P and it is loaded with spyware and adware. The content is good but if it contains all that spyware and adware crap…forget it. I uninstalled Warez P2P and I’m still getting pop-ups even after I scanned my comp with Spybot and Adaware. Warez P2P gets 3 thumbs down. :frowning:


kazaa was always to be avoided unless u had the lite versions especially afta they added the participation level thing


am i the only one that noticed kazaa has gone completely to shit.

not just all that other stuff, but i cant get my hands on even one functioning recent song. i can download 5 i can download 30 their all bad batches…

its gone completely to hell, for music anyway


its bin like that for ages since the RIAA started gettin involved (im guessin u talkin bout fuzz afta like 30 seconds or so)


i sure am, but it didnt used to be this bad, you’d choose theo nes not shared by to many or youd try an alternative filename or tag try out a few and youd have a good one, now i downlaod 30 and its still all craphola.it’s useless now, ahh well… il find other ways to backup my originals…


I use emule and by the way still use zonealarm 4.5… xoftspy to scan my comp. Nothing less noting more got nooo problems and all the files. :slight_smile:

Take a look here for more info,news on p2p: