Which option in DVD to mobile for windows media player

Hello I want to strip parts of a menu from an ACN training video and save it to my hard drive and play it from my computer with windows media player. So in the mobile options which is the correct choice? and does anyone know of a free software to covert quicktime to windows media player? Thanks for any help you can give me. RogerSVP

To my knowledge all mobile conversions will play in WMP. Why don’t you give a movie a try and then use WMP to play it

Is the training video in DVD format or something else?

[QUOTE=signals;2164630]Is the training video in DVD format or something else?[/QUOTE]
well I think it is a DVD format, could it be in a different format?
it plays as a dvd in a dvd player and in the computer. I guess I will try to do more research and be more more informed. Roger