Which Optical drive for audio ripping?



Hello everybody, I’m new to the forums and am after a little advice.

I’m rebuilding my PC this weekend with some alternative parts, and the new motherboard only has one IDE connector, so I’ve got to lower my available IDE optical drives from 4 down to 2.

The 4 drives I have are (some quite old!!!)
Sony DDU1615 DVD-ROM drive
Plextor PX-230A CD-RW
Pioneer DVR-110 DVD-RW

So the rebuilt PC must have 2 of the above, plus will have an LG GGW-H20L Blu-Ray writer which should arrive tomorrow, fingers crossed.

My current thinking is to put in one of the Sony DVD-Rom drives for just general installation and games playing usage, and I’ll use the new SATA LG as my main burner.

The second IDE drive is where my problem lies as I have a rather large CD collection which I would like to RIP onto my hard-disk.
I will use either EAC or dbpoweramp in secure mode to RIP, speed is not too important I would rather have accuracy of rips. My other concern is that some of my CDs may be protected, does the drive have an effect on what protected CDs can be ripped?

So any advice as to which of my optical drives would be best suited to this task will be thankfully recieved, or if there is a cheap enough alternative drive to do the job, or infact any other general advice on audio CD ripping, as I want to do it right the first time, else I’ll have to go back and start again and with well over a thousand CDs this is going to take a while.


Welcome to the forum.


On dBpowerAMP’s web site there is a page giving a comparison of several drives (mostly Plextors) secure ripping damaged CDs using dBpowerAMP v12. From what I can remember they found a Plextor PX-230A to be the most successful, although it caches audio data and so makes secure ripping slower when bad sectors have to be re-read. I think that the PX-230A is a Benq rebadge.


Thanks for the info Ibex


You’re welcome Mr Svlad Cjelli. :wink:

I have managed to find the Secure Ripping drive test page, it is more difficult to find now that dBpowerAMP 13 has arrived.


The drive used can make a big difference to successfully ripping a copy protected CD. Some drives are much more successful than others, your Plextor may be the best drive at ripping damaged CDs but it may not be the best at handling copy protected CDs.

If you look in the CDFreaks review archive for reviews of your drives you can see the results of the copy protected audio CD tests. Also search Club CDFreaks as audio CD copy protection is a popular subject so there should be a lot of helpful infomation out there. I have almost no first hand experience of copy protected audio CDs as my collection consists of Bird Songs & Calls of Britain & Europe volumes 1-4, a few BBC Radio P.G. Wodehouse series and all of the Douglas Adams radio series of course!

I do hope that they do The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul this year (but only if it’s done properly). It is probably my favorite Douglas Adams novel and I can’t wait to hear Harry Enfield shouting “The gods are walking the earth, the gods are walking the earth!”


Thank you very much Ibex, useful information all :slight_smile:

And so nice to converse with another Douglas Adams fan :cool:

Now I’ve got lots to search and read through.