Which One?!*


im looking for a new burner and i have narrowed it down to the:

ASUS 40x12x48x
LITE-ON 40x12x48x

Both burners have the same speeds and also a identical price.
ive read that the asus has more burning modes plus overburning while the lite-on is faster but has not as much features including no overburning.

Im not sure if this is true but does any have the lite-on burner and if so does it have good overburning or any overburning?
Also does it have all the features of the ASUS?

WHICH ONE???!* :smiley:

Go for the LiteOn as you will find that it deals with the main copy protection easyly. I don’t know all the much about the Asus in this reguard.

The Lite-On is slightly faster, and it can overburn up to 99min. The ASUS skips read-errors faster…

I think the Lite-on will be a better choice.

i think you can flash the firmware to make one into the other…so…buy whatever’s cheapest :wink:

Futureproof did a review on the asus, from memory, he believed it was one of the best drives he has seen/owned.

he recomends it above all else.