Which one?

I have been having problems with my Sony DRU700A burner and had been using firmware rev. VY06. I found that the latest Sony firmware for this drive is the VY08 which I have downloaded and flashed the drive with. I am in the process of testing the drive now to see if it has made any change.

I was just wondering since the Lite-On 832S is the exact same drive and other posts i’ve read saying the lite-on firmware was better(these were old threads mentioning older firmwares) which firmware for the 700a would be the best for it? Are the firwares from the manurfacturer better or are there patched firmwares which are better? There are so many different posts with different opinions for differnt firmwares its just got me lost.

Any help would be appricated.

Thank you.

this one should be almost perfect for your drive: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares/dvdrw/832S.CG5J.patched-cf.rar

Thanks for your reply. Is there much difference between the firmwares CG5J for 832S and CY58 for 700A apart from maybe windows recognising them as a lite-on or sony drive? Or are they both really different but just improved over the manurfactures stock firmware?

Thank you