Which one

i currently have bitcomet which i installed instead of bitlord and now i have been reading some more posts i have also discovered limewire pro which is the best out of these its so confusing :confused:

Limewire and Frostwire use the gnutella network, which, I feel safe in saying, isn’t the best of all networks available.
It’s handy and simple to use (excellent if you’re coming from Kazaa and want something just as simple to use), but not excellent.
Bitcomet and Bitlord both use the bittorrent network, for which the best client is, hands down, Azureus.
There are other networks, mainly eMule/eDonkey and dc++/RevConnect.
The old FastTrack network (the one used by kazaa and its various offspring) is still online, but you’d do well to avoid that one.

thanks , for the reply , i will try and learn a bit about azureus …

the last few that you mentioned i.e kazaa etc i must say i have been pre warned…

so azureus is just a web site? that will run in conjunction with bitcomet? :o

lol…im getting there now :slight_smile: