Which one?

Which firmware should I get with the NEC 3550A. I heard there is a new one and it doesnt support bisetting and I don’t know what that is? Can anybody help me which this?

I tried to search this but it isnt working for me.

Have a look in the NEC forum at some of Liggy and Dee’s firmware, if you don’t mind voiding your warranty.

If I use firmware from NEC will I void my warranty? What is bitsetting?

No, official firmware from NEC won’t void your warranty (or it shouldn’t do).

Bitsetting (or booktyping) is when you set your disc from +R to -ROM. Some older players need this, but most newer players will play -R, +R, whatever.

-R can’t be bitset, to my limited knowledge.

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You may have problems with Liggy & Dee’s site. If so try here. Nec seems to be down currently too.

Bitsetting means the capability to change the booktype when writing a DVD disc. Only the booktype of DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD+R DL can be changed. On DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-R DL the booktype is already applied to the disc during the production process.