Which one?

First timer to CDF:
Having just acquired a Daewoo DVD recorder/combi, and after buying DVD-RW discs, have found out it requires DVD+RW. (nice start)
The prices seem to vary from £4.99 to £14.99
is there a big difference in quality by paying the top prices ?
I will be copying from VHS to DVD. <<< Andy

id recommend verbatim +RW media


if you buy cheap expect the discs to have a much shorter write/rewrite life

for permanent storage do not use RW media

I have had very very good results with TDK 4x DVD+RW (Philips MID). I usually get better results with these than i do with normal +r and -r. Check it out at SVP here: http://svp.co.uk/products-solo.php?pid=225