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I’ve tried to copy a game with safe disc 3 and it don’t work. I think mine bruner don’t read these protection. I have a dvd bruner nec 1100 and a dvd burner ricoh and on both the copy don’t play.

do somebody know which burner is the best for this kind of protection so that I can burn and play them.


how did you try to copy? which program did you use? which settings (profiles?)? which game do you want to copy?

sims university. alcoholer profile safedisc 2/3. clone cd versie

what do you mean with “it does not work”?
is there an error-message showing up when trying to load the game from the backup? if so, what does it tell?

I have install the original because I have buy this game, but I want to copy this game for myself. When I do the copied game in the computer than it stops by the introduction en than its stops.

Your problem might be because you are running the backup from burners. Do you have a regular DVD Rom? If not, you can pick up a Liteon DVD player for fairly cheap, and they are excellent for reading backups.

Also, you might consider upgrading the DVD burners. The “Sheep lists” are relatively old, but I think that the Nec 1100 made the list and from what I remember it was not able to do correct EFM encoding. The Nec 3500A is selling for around $60 (US) at Newegg, and it hasn’t failed me yet.

You might also try the Protected Game profile in CloneCD 5.1 if you don’t mind emulation. But you’ll need to make sure that ‘Hide CDR Media’ is enabled when you go to play it.

‘Hide CDR Media’ is enabled" what means that and where can I do this?

thanks for your answer

It’s an option in the CloneCD system tray.