Which one?

Which one should i buy - Phillips DVDR1640P or BenQ DW1620 or BenQ DW1620 Pro?

Is there any hope for any of these to get 8X +RW?

Which has more overspeeded medias? And which one has more firmware updates :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

also forgot to ask - are DVDR1640P and DVDR1620K firmwares compatible?

mrQQ…none…chipset and hardware different for 8x+RW…so if you can wait…wait…

it will be here soon…

more firmware updates?..BenQ it is…

Hmm thats a pity… it took them ages to bring DVDR1620K here, so it’ll take at least half a year more…

so are all these firmwares compatible with each other?

YEah, all are interflashable.You’ll need the .cvt files though.

so if i buy Philips DVDR1620P, I can flash it to DVDR1640K, BenQ DW1620 and BenQ DW1620 Pro without any problems?

can official firmwares be converted to .cvt?

the .cvt’s based on extracted official firmware can be found with the necessary tools here:
It’s easy and only takes a minute or two to crossflash

hmm, then I still have no idea which one should I choose - BenQ, or Philips…

Best way to bet the Benq 1620 and then update firmware to the most up to date.

Or wait less than a month hopefully.

I’d go with the BenQ over the Philips to be honest. Saves headaches and worries over flashing issues (if any exist and I don’t think they do…) and BenQ so far has proven to be very quick with firmware updates. :wink:

However I don’t think there is a need to crossflash Philips to BenQ… 3.2 firmware does a nice job.

uhm but i heard Philips has these nice leds or smth? :slight_smile: and i dont really like BenQ looks :stuck_out_tongue: