Which one you Think should be set to master?

Hello, masters of the optical media :bow:

I have Nec 3520 set as master drive and a lite-on cd-burner as slave, but i got a sony-DDU1612 dvd-rom and want to use instead of the cd-burner, and make the nec my all around burner…48x cd-burning is still pretty fast. plus i know the sony dvd-rom is a rebadged lite-on which means good ripping speeds without having to use modified firmware and voiding warranty. But my question is, should I leave the nec as the master drive? or should I use the dvd-rom as master since this is the one I will use for ripping??

Also, any of you guys know if the up coming 3530 will be the same as the 3520, so we can make it a 3530 with a firmware update?!!!

thanks in advance for your help…and LONG LIVE THE NEC… :cool:

Your burner should be the master and the Rom should be the slave.
3530 will have 8x DL writing and a little faster cd writing.

Thanks Nosmartz for your help!!

I will do this, but why is this?

ROM - Master
DVDRW - Slave

From what I’ve been told it’s best to have the burning device recieve the data first from the HD(in the master/slave chain as it were).If you were doing a disc to disc copy it would be the other way around(rom/master-burner/slave).Mine has been like this for 2 years and have had no problems whatsoever,none.

Thank you guys

I will now change my 3520A to slave and the DVD-rom to master!!!

I vote the same way, the feeder (DVD-ROM) should be in Master and processer (DVD-RW ) should be in slave.

since ata standards say either device can be master or slave i vote whichever way looks good in your case :slight_smile:

truthfully, however, you may find that one way works better than another with your specific setup.

try it both ways and see which works best or if you can even tell the difference

Make Life Easier for yourself and set your DVDRom as Primary Master and your DVDWriter as Slave with at least your mane copying Hard Disc as Master…It will Work 100% better for you that way…Especially when you go to do COPY to Copy (on the fly) from CDR to CDR and even DVD-R to DVD-R useing Record now Max…Even if you don’t do Copy to copy at the moment that Setup will work better…


Have been doing the DVD-ROM “Master” and DVD burner “Slave” set up for years and it has worked exceptionally well for me-